11 August 2011

Spending Time Outdoors

We have actually had sun the past few days.  Today was 30°C (86°F) today !  I actually prefer the cooler weather in the 50's or so, but I will welcome the sun today.  
Robert and I spent the day outside enjoying the weather.
For a late lunch/early dinner, we went to our favorite burger joint and enjoyed tasty tasty burgers !  I had the veggie burger and he had their house burger with two meat patties and bacon. It's his favorite and he has never ordered anything else !!!

It was a looooooovely day :)


  1. you are such the adorable pregnant woman!!
    glad you were able to get out and enjoy some sunshine!

  2. Oooh, I get to comment first!? That's a first (haha, first 'twice'... good times). I can't imagine wearing such an outfit (as yours) today/lately! The weather there must feel wonderful. I'm happy to see you've been enjoying it, getting outside, spending time with your lovely man (and with yourself and the little one), and last but not least - that you always seem to have your camera with you! :D

    Those shoes Robert has on look familiar, eh? *wink* I really like your skirt! Ohh, and shoes! Those are NICE. :)


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