04 April 2012

the good life

Elodie will be six months old in April and we are still breastfeeding and loving it. I plan on breastfeeding her as long as she wants.  That means, if she is two years old and still wants to breastfeed, I will definitely let her.  We are slowly beginning to introduce a solid food every evening and she eats as much of it as she wants.  After she finishes eating the amount of food she wants, I will bring her to my breast and she will drink for a while.  As far as 'solids' go, so far she has tried and liked pear, banana, carrott (loves them) and didn't like avocado and pumpkin.  We have a food processer and are making all of her food organic and fresh with none of those bad preservatives or pesticides !!!!  I have been reading a lot about 'baby led weaning' and would really like to try this approach. 

Being a mom is more wonderful than words.  There is something so amazing about getting to help assist this little girl into becoming an amazing person.  Afterhaving Elodie, I definitely know that being a mother all I want to do and be.  To have a family and create amazing memories together.
Life is basically amazing...

02 April 2012

Five Months Old

The Suebali is five months old today !!!!  And boy oh boy has she grown !!!  I seriously feel like our little babe is kind of a grown up.  I know that sounds super weird, but how far she has come along in the past five months is outrageous to me ! 
She is obsessed with sucking on her fingers at all times and definitely favors her thumb. Sometimes she will even offer it to us and let us suck on one thumb while she sucks on the other. It's super sweet. It also feels hilarious with her little thumb in your mouth, but I love that she wants to share it.

I definitely think that Elodie will be one of those babies who completely skips crawling ! Her leg muscles are super strong and she can hold herself up for a small amount of time without us holding her. She hates to be on her stomach and definitely prefers sitting up or standing. 

Bathing is still her favourite time and she usually gets her bath about two hours before bedtime.  While in the bath,  Elodie loves playing with her squeaky bath book and NUK coloured teether.  We don't have a schedule at all with the Suebali, except for the one inside of Elodie's body telling her when she is hungry, tired, wanting to play, snuggle...etc. She loves to be carried in her moby wrap while around the flat or outside. She is definitely a cuddler and always wants to be close to her mommy's body.   In order to fall asleep, Elodie always has to nurse, and usually wakes up anywhere between 3-6 times to eat in the night. 

I cannot believe that next month she will be half a year old !!! 

23 March 2012


We have had a fantastic couple of days of weather and have been loving it.  It's great for the obvious reasons: countless walks, going to parks, playing ping pong (we have a table right outside of our flat!), hanging out laundry-especially cloth diapers, the sun is amazing for stains (!!) vitamin D, etc etc.
Yesterday, because we missed Robert so much, we decided to meet with him for lunch !  The three of us went to a döner place across the street from where he works.  We sat outside to eat our food and enjoyed the amazing feeling of the warm sun on our faces.  It is so lovely that in March we are able to sit outside without wearing a jacket ! 
After having lunch with Robert, Elodie and I went for a loooooooooong walk !  It was such a beautiful day that I couldn't pass up spending more time outside with my sweet babe.  
I am looking forward to more weather and days like yesterday.  It makes for such a happy little babe and mama when you are able to spend lots of time outside.

22 March 2012

top baby blogs

I don't know if you have noticed that icon on the right hand side of my blog that says, 'Top Baby Blogs.'  But if you haven't already, please click on it and vote for us !!!  All you have to do is click the icon and confirm that you want to vote for us.  TWO CLICKS !! That's it !  You can do it daily and we would super-duper love you for it !!!!

21 March 2012

the poor babe

Hey there !  I cannot believe that it is already mid March.  That means Elodie will be five months old in two weeks !  EEeeekk !!!  That's almost half of a year !  I know I'm totally stating the obvious, but it completely baffles me how quickly time has flown ! 
Elodie had her vaccines today. The last in a series of three for quite a while (thank god!). She took an almost five hour nap afterwards, the poor thing. And she always gets a soaring temperature of 102, resulting in a suppository to help bring it down. Exciting, I know. But, the poor babe doesn't feel well today, and I feel bad for my little girl.
She will get loads of snuggles, warn hugs, kisses and playtime with her favorite of favorites !!!  That's nothing new though :)

10 March 2012

daddy love

Elodie and her daddy have the most special love.  She loves to touch his face and always has her hands on his cheeks.  She for some reason, thinks this is the funniest thing ever and almost always laughs when she touches his cheeks !!!  It's so cute !!!  When he comes home from work or school and walks in the room, she always smiles from ear to ear.  It makes my heart melt.

We love going for walks together.  Especially now that the weather is a little warmer.  It's not warm by any means, but warmer than...well, before.  Whatever that means ??!  Anyway, either I will carry Elodie or Robert will.  We don't usually take her out in her stroller.  She kind of hates it.  And it's really nice to carry her on us.  She also loves being close to our warm bodies. We used to use the baby björn, but it made my back super sore within 15 minutes or so of carrying her.  Plus, Elodie hated it and almost always cried when being carried in it.  Now, we use our Moby whenever we are out (or in!) and she loves it.  It is super rare that she cries when being carried in her moby.  Robert loves carrying her in it too and is always a super proud daddy.
 We love to dance.  And dancing around to music before bed some evenings is the perfect way to get our little girl happy and drifting off to sleep.  Robert is the most amazing dancer (that's how he stole my heart..but that's another story) and watching him dance with our little babe is the most amazing thing ever.  It makes my heart leap every time.
 Can I just tell you that snuggling up to a little babe before bedtime is so lovely.  Robert always talks about how amazing it feels to have her in your arms and to feel all of her sweet little body parts on yours.  Having her so close to you and being able to smell her wonderful scent is something irreplaceable. I have to say that love watching the two most important people in my life sharing moments like this.
Elodie loves her daddy and her daddy is...basically in love with her <3

08 March 2012

tummy time

Every afternoon I plop Elodie on her stomach on our wooden floor for some tummy time.  We make silly faces at one another, sing songs, and I dangle toys in front of her face while she looks and drools !  Then after about ten minutes time...she yells 'gooooballleeee waah wahhh' ...and tells me that tummy time is over.
Those ten minutes, while they are short, are always filled with tons of laughter and loads of fun !

02 March 2012

four months

Um, Elodie ??!  Do you have any intention of slowing down ?  Because at this rate you will be a bajillion feet tall !  I know your daddy is super tall, but that doesn't mean you have to catch up to him by the time you are five years old !!!  You are super tall for your age.  Whatever that means.  You're only four months old !  I mean, I used to be the tallest girl in my class.  Taller than most of the boys and now here I am.  5'5'' and a half.  Yes, that half is important !  

Anyway, this is about you, not me !!  Still, you are obsessed with your hands and have them in your mouth all of the time !  You try to hold things and put anything you can into yourr mouth all of the time !  You actually can get quite angry when your coordination doesn't allow you to put something into your mouth !! It's adorable !  Not nice for you though !!!

You love, love, love music.  You actually sing along with it.  Obviously no words, but you definitely try to carry a tune.  I sing to you constantly.  Almost every word that comes out of my mouth is a song when we are talking together, and that is most of my day !!!  I guess like mother like daughter.  And you definitely love to sing with mama. 
We love you Elodie Sue and I cannot wait to see what this new month brings.

25 February 2012


Oh Suebali, you have the sweetest feetsios.  I love how whenever I lean in to whisper something in your ear or smell the crease in your neck you always kick them up against my chest or put them on my face.  They are beyond soft and I cannot get enough of them.  You are rather interested in them lately.  And especially when you have bright fun coloured socks on you cannot keep your eyes off of them. 
 But this is the way I love them most. Bare, naked, you.

23 February 2012

Baby breath.  I don't think I will ever smell anything more wonderful.  Elodie has the absolute best breath you will ever smell.  And I am sure if you breastfeed your baby, you know what I am talking about.  I have no idea if it's the same with a formula fed baby, but boy oh boy, does breastmilk smell heavinly coming out my little babe's mouth.
This morning, I wanted to wash a load of towels and so I went into the bathroom to put one of Elodie's towels into the washing machine.  My nose was overcome with the scent of something wonderful.  I squished the towel up against my nose and deeply breathed in the scent of Elodie.  I could smell her breath all over that towel.  I must have smelled it two or three times before running into the living room and asking a confused Robert to smell the towel.   I don't blame him for not wanting to smell it at first. It wasn't the first time I put something in front of Robert's nose and asked him to smell it. After he put it to his nose though, he too understood why I was so persistant that he smell it.  Birds chirped, babies laughed, a rainbow appeared in the sky and the two of us were able to experience heaven for a few moments.