08 March 2012

tummy time

Every afternoon I plop Elodie on her stomach on our wooden floor for some tummy time.  We make silly faces at one another, sing songs, and I dangle toys in front of her face while she looks and drools !  Then after about ten minutes time...she yells 'gooooballleeee waah wahhh' ...and tells me that tummy time is over.
Those ten minutes, while they are short, are always filled with tons of laughter and loads of fun !


  1. Ohh, I love this series of shots! She's such a beautiful little girl :-) I bet tummy time is a good time. Why wouldn't it be? Wonder if she'll be enjoying tummy time come December for some tummy time with her Aunt (haha).

  2. What a little cutie!!!! I love the last pic!!! , and all the others of course too! :)

  3. 'gooooballleeee waah wahhh'?!?!?! is that a direct quote? :)

    oh molly, miss elodie is just the sweetest little lady around. those big blue eyes... that perfectly round peach fuzz baby head... i'm so glad you post so many pictures of her. she makes my day brighter!


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