02 March 2012

four months

Um, Elodie ??!  Do you have any intention of slowing down ?  Because at this rate you will be a bajillion feet tall !  I know your daddy is super tall, but that doesn't mean you have to catch up to him by the time you are five years old !!!  You are super tall for your age.  Whatever that means.  You're only four months old !  I mean, I used to be the tallest girl in my class.  Taller than most of the boys and now here I am.  5'5'' and a half.  Yes, that half is important !  

Anyway, this is about you, not me !!  Still, you are obsessed with your hands and have them in your mouth all of the time !  You try to hold things and put anything you can into yourr mouth all of the time !  You actually can get quite angry when your coordination doesn't allow you to put something into your mouth !! It's adorable !  Not nice for you though !!!

You love, love, love music.  You actually sing along with it.  Obviously no words, but you definitely try to carry a tune.  I sing to you constantly.  Almost every word that comes out of my mouth is a song when we are talking together, and that is most of my day !!!  I guess like mother like daughter.  And you definitely love to sing with mama. 
We love you Elodie Sue and I cannot wait to see what this new month brings.


  1. SUCH cute pictures.

    Like mother like daughter, indeed. If she is anything like you (and no doubt she is) she'll be belting out tunes anytime, now ;).

    You'll have to get a recording! I'd love to hear it.

  2. These are adorable pics! Cute booties too.

  3. oh goodness - she is adorable!
    i love those socks!!

  4. She is a beauty! I love her socks!

  5. AH! those little socks are adorable!


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