21 March 2012

the poor babe

Hey there !  I cannot believe that it is already mid March.  That means Elodie will be five months old in two weeks !  EEeeekk !!!  That's almost half of a year !  I know I'm totally stating the obvious, but it completely baffles me how quickly time has flown ! 
Elodie had her vaccines today. The last in a series of three for quite a while (thank god!). She took an almost five hour nap afterwards, the poor thing. And she always gets a soaring temperature of 102, resulting in a suppository to help bring it down. Exciting, I know. But, the poor babe doesn't feel well today, and I feel bad for my little girl.
She will get loads of snuggles, warn hugs, kisses and playtime with her favorite of favorites !!!  That's nothing new though :)


  1. oh golly she's so adorable!
    sorry to hear she had a rough day, poor little babe is right!

    and i love those socks!

  2. Such sweet pictures. Is her outfit one of yours? It almost looks familiar. Are you anxiously awaiting your April company? I'm heading down to Cambridge for a few days on my spring break. We've had BEAUTIFUL weather here. No snow in sight.

  3. Oh my gosh the last picture made me laugh so hard! The expression on her face like "the seahorse and I are not talking mom..." I love that Elodie and Aurelia have a few of the same toys :) And WOW her eyes! Beautiful baby girl! Oh AND i LOVE her outfit!


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