04 April 2012

the good life

Elodie will be six months old in April and we are still breastfeeding and loving it. I plan on breastfeeding her as long as she wants.  That means, if she is two years old and still wants to breastfeed, I will definitely let her.  We are slowly beginning to introduce a solid food every evening and she eats as much of it as she wants.  After she finishes eating the amount of food she wants, I will bring her to my breast and she will drink for a while.  As far as 'solids' go, so far she has tried and liked pear, banana, carrott (loves them) and didn't like avocado and pumpkin.  We have a food processer and are making all of her food organic and fresh with none of those bad preservatives or pesticides !!!!  I have been reading a lot about 'baby led weaning' and would really like to try this approach. 

Being a mom is more wonderful than words.  There is something so amazing about getting to help assist this little girl into becoming an amazing person.  Afterhaving Elodie, I definitely know that being a mother all I want to do and be.  To have a family and create amazing memories together.
Life is basically amazing...


  1. Isn't it fun making dinner for them? Aurelia didn't like avacado at first either, but she likes it now! I love the colorful pictures!

  2. Well done on keeping up with breqstfeeding!!! U should be proud of yourself!!!!

  3. Six months old already?! Holy moly that went so fast!

  4. This post definitely gave me baby fever!!! I miss nursing so much! Hopefully another little one will come in the near future ;)

  5. hey molly,

    how are things? i miss your blog updates!!! hope u are doing well.

  6. i love that you posted a picture of you breastfeeding :) and Elodie's face in the last picture- pure awesomeness!


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