02 April 2012

Five Months Old

The Suebali is five months old today !!!!  And boy oh boy has she grown !!!  I seriously feel like our little babe is kind of a grown up.  I know that sounds super weird, but how far she has come along in the past five months is outrageous to me ! 
She is obsessed with sucking on her fingers at all times and definitely favors her thumb. Sometimes she will even offer it to us and let us suck on one thumb while she sucks on the other. It's super sweet. It also feels hilarious with her little thumb in your mouth, but I love that she wants to share it.

I definitely think that Elodie will be one of those babies who completely skips crawling ! Her leg muscles are super strong and she can hold herself up for a small amount of time without us holding her. She hates to be on her stomach and definitely prefers sitting up or standing. 

Bathing is still her favourite time and she usually gets her bath about two hours before bedtime.  While in the bath,  Elodie loves playing with her squeaky bath book and NUK coloured teether.  We don't have a schedule at all with the Suebali, except for the one inside of Elodie's body telling her when she is hungry, tired, wanting to play, snuggle...etc. She loves to be carried in her moby wrap while around the flat or outside. She is definitely a cuddler and always wants to be close to her mommy's body.   In order to fall asleep, Elodie always has to nurse, and usually wakes up anywhere between 3-6 times to eat in the night. 

I cannot believe that next month she will be half a year old !!! 


  1. oh molly, she is absolutely adorable!
    happy 5mo birthday sweet elodie!

  2. Elodie has such big expressive blue eyes. She looks like a thinker!

  3. She is so incredibly beautiful! I love her little faces :)

    xo, Samantha

  4. Wow, I would say she is definitely thriving! Oh and how I love those big beautiful curious blue eyes of hers! Give her a big kiss (and one for you too!) from me please. xoxo

  5. Her eyes are amazing!! Such a cutie!!! Love the yawny face too!!! : )

  6. Elodieeeeeeeee! You're so precious!! Such beautiful eyes! I miss you - ALL! Hape you had a VERY lovely Easter! Hugs and kisses to you all <3 - Lindsay

  7. she is so adorable! i love the one where her little eyes are bugged out. it looks like she's saying "who? me??"

  8. Oh, what lovely pictures! I could look at these for hours! :-) Elodie is so precious, with such loving parents! I'm happy to hear how well things have been (going). Happy 5 months to Elodie!

  9. she is so cute! and her faces...so funny


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