08 November 2011

Little Elodie Sue; we love you

We are having so much sun in Berlin it is unreal.  We are already a third of the way into November and we are having temperatures in the 60's and it will stay that way until mid this week !

The time has gone by unbelievably fast and I cannot believe that our sweet little girl is already a little over six days old !  She is what I would call the easiest most loving baby ever.  Robert and I get 8 hours of sleep a night if we want with feedings in between.  We co-sleep with Elodie and so it makes breastfeeding very simple.  I just pull her over to me while I lay on my side, she eats and falls asleep, and then I can too !  She is the best little eater.  We are having no problems and she is already gaining the little weight she lost back !  

She is laying in my lap as I write and I don't have much time.  Her skin is on mine and we are keeping each others body temperature warm and cozy.  We sat in front of the window for a little over an hour today so that she got some natural sunlight.  She is a little bit jaundiced and some time each day in front of the sun is what our midwives suggested.  So, skin on skin for while each day while the sun shines down on us is fine by me :)

I better wrap this up before Elodie wakes up with a hungry belly !  That and, well...sorry to say, but I would rather be snuggling with her right now !
(only a few hours after Elodie was born)


  1. So happy to hear everyone is home and well! How wonderful is co-sleeping? I miss it sometimes! I am so happy to hear that she is a happy, content little doll. I remember updating my blog with Axel asleep on my chest. Then one day he was too big for me to do both. My blog posts were the first to go :) Enjoy! 6 days old already, and before you know it, it will be 6 years! Love you.

  2. Also happy to hear that everything is going well for you. Have you gone out for a stroller walk yet? Maybe this coming weekend? I'm waiting to see pictures of Elodie with all the beautiful hand knits that she has!!

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL picture of the two of you! She's so precious!!!!!!!!! I wish so badly I could jump into the picture and hold her :-) I'm so glad you are both doing well - healthy and happy!!! YAY!!! ...and getting so much sleep in - WOW!! Awesome!! Here's to continuous ease, comfort, health, happiness and bliss!! Love you guys!!! Give Elodie a little kiss from me :-) and tell her I love her very much :) *here's a squeeze for you and Robert as well* Congrats again, Mom and Dad!!! -Lindsay :-)

  4. Oh, sweet girl! And you are such a great momma ... I love hearing about those first days; I remember them well and look forward to having a little newborn snuggled close once again. She sounds like a doll!


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