28 December 2011

eight weeks old

Hello pretty girl. You are eight weeks old today !  And you must be excited about it, because last night you would not go to sleep until almost 1am !  Your daddy turned on the hall light and opened the door just slightly so that you could see.  He talked to and played with you until you were too tired to take any more.  You talked and kicked his hands over and over.  He loves to touch your feet all of the time.  Even when you don't want it.  But he can't help it: he thinks they're the sweetest toe-sios ever !  I think so too !!

Your normal sleep schedule is going to sleep at 10pm, waking up around 4-4:30am, eating, and then sleeping until we wake up !  You have to sleep in bed with us and cannot really sleep in your co sleeper.  You like the warmth of our bodies and the nearness of us.  I lay you high up on the bed so that your head is near ours and you have your own blanket.  This way you are safe and cozy.  Your daddy and I snuggle over on his side and you mostly hog half of the bed !
While you used to hate being in your stroller, you really like it now !  You mostly go out in the stroller though when your daddy and I take you for walks.  Whenever we go anywhere, I always take you in the baby björn.  You love it, but sometimes get quite sweaty being so close with such warm clothing on !  But you love to be outside in the fresh air all the same !
You have changed so so much since being born and we love watching you grow :)


  1. She is pretty darn sweet!! Sounds like her normal sleep schedule is a good one. You are able to still get a good night's sleep in. You need to take some pics of Elodie in all her fine hand knits!

  2. oh look at those big beautiful eyes!! such a sweetheart.

  3. Thank you for the updates!! I enjoy them so much!!!!

  4. I love watching her grow, too! Beautiful photos. :-) AND OH MY GOSH, I love that first picture so much! I think I will print it out. Love it!

  5. She is so precious! Love this blog, so happy I know about it now!


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