02 January 2012

Two Months Old

You are two months old today pretty little girl !!!

You actually suck on your thumb every now and then.  But you often stick it a little too far back and gag on it.  It's kind of hilarious.   You make the funniest face when it happens and it's entirely adorable.  I know that probably sounds like the most twisted thing ever, but if you saw it you would understand ;)

You love to be cuddled and you still need to suck on my breast when you fall asleep. In the middle of the night if you wake up, you reach out your arms to feel if I am still there.  It I am too far to reach, you will cry.  It's so adorable that you want me so near.  You almost refuse your pacifier now and rarely suck on it.  I guess my breast is much warmer and more comfy. 

You rang in your first new year with your Aunt Peggy, Uncle Ilia, Uncle Ilia's brother, Elias, mama and papa !!  Happy New Years everyone !!!

Oh and by the way, I totally wore the shirt Elodie is wearing when I was a baby :)


  1. oh happy 2mo birthday little elodie!
    you are absolutely perfect!!

  2. Aw...I love that you are sentimental enough to have Elodie wear something you wore. So many people have to have NEW things and I love to recycle too! Besides all that, it's a cute shirt, so colorful! Elodie always looks so alert, she's watching......Happy New Year to you all!

  3. Happy two month birthday Elodie Sue!
    Happy New Year to you all!!


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