16 April 2011

Surprise !!!

Youuuuuuu guessed it !!!! Robert and I are the happiest people on this earth. We are so greatful to have this lovely gift come into our lives at such a perfect time. I found out that Robert and I were having a baby on Tuesday, February 22nd. Above are pictures from the exact day I foud out, I was 4 weeks pregnant then, and it was such a happy day for the two of us !

This past monday. I received my 3rd ultra sound so far. It was by far the neatest, sweetest, most adorable thing I have ever seen !!!! I measured 5 days farther along than I thought (so instead of 11 weeks 1 day which is what we thought I was the first two appointments, I measured at 11 weeks 6 days). The baby was sleeping and sucking his/her thumb. It was so sweet and made me smile from ear to ear. I could cry just thinking about it. It was so amazing and truly unreal. The baby looks like a REAL person now !! Hands, toes, eyes, ears, tooth buds !!! So amazing ! After about a minute, my OBGYN moved the ultrasound and the baby woke up !!! It started to move and jump around, wiggling it's fingers and flapping it's arms ! It is now able to hiccup inside of me too !! This day was filled with moments I will always cherish, and was one of the best experiences I have ever had !!!

So now you know our larger than life knews !!! We are having a baby !!!! My expected due date is October 30th and we could not be a happier mama and papa to be !!


  1. I actually already knew the news, since I am your mom, and congratulations!!
    Sounds like a wonderful day, filled with many good memories!!


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