18 April 2011

Parkin' it up

Ooooh how lovely the weather has been lately !  Robert, some friends and I spent another lovely weekend day at the park grilling, playing frisbee, and chatting.
I sauteed some onions before we left so that they were nice and al dente on the grill !!!
Robert wanted to buy Brötchen for our grilled sausage, but I told him we had to try them with American Style Buns.  Oh my goodness, we were happy we didn't buy the brötchen.  American style hot dog buns ROCK !!!
It was packed and full of lovely Berliners/tourists/whoever you are as always !!!
It was the perfect way to spend our afternoon together :)


  1. Well we have 3-6 inches of snow in the forecast for tomorrow night. Argggggggggggg....looks like it's almost hot there! Hope you're feeling great!

  2. Oooohh, looks like an awesome time!! What was the temp?! I want to jump right into your pictures!! Well...minus the onions, you know ;) Was this the area we walked along when I visited?

    Give my love to baby and papa! :) Muah!

  3. OH Motor. You look radiant! Robert and you seem to be having so much fun!

    *YES, American style hot dog buns I'll agree, are NICE! They are light and fluffy and delicious! :)

    Enjoy the warm weather and every little thing you come across, experience... etc and etc!

  4. Looks like another great day outside at the park.
    The onions look so perfect for the meal! Robert cooks them and the sausages perfectly The food looks good, and the sun is shining!!


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