20 April 2011

the sun has arrived

Another day out picnicing at the park !!! And yes, it was lovely :)  The weather has been amazing.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Well, maybe it has been a tad windy, but I shouldn't complain !  

We have probably eaten 3 bags of potato chips in our lives together, but I wanted some so bad that we had to buy some for our lunch !!! They were well worth it and deeeelicious !!
 Robert likes to take time to lay back and relax while the fire gets going on the grill !  
And as always, the park was booming with people !!!  Full of laughter, conversation, music, sports, and great memories being made !
Robert forgot to bring the table tennis tackets, so that was a shame.  However, we played frisbee for quite a while and almost hit a man straight in the head with it !! I think we need to invest in a heavier (professional style) frisbee.  The one we have is as light as a feather and isn't much for the wind !!!

I look forward to sun and more sun this upcoming week :)


  1. Molly you look (you ARE) gorgeous! I'm happy to see you two out and about having fun in the sun. Look at you both chillin WITHOUT long sleeves on. I can't imagine. How wonderful that'd be right now.

    Maybe when you're in the states next you'll come across a great frisbee you can toss around. *haha*

    Keep enjoying !

  2. hooray for spring!
    looks like you both had a wonderful day!


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