23 April 2011

Oh, the pleasures of having a balcony

The weekend has begun and has been so wonderful to us.  Robert and I started our morning off with coffee (decaf for me of course!) and toasties topped with eggs !  They were delicious and full of good protein to give us energy for a day full of doing, well...nothing !
After breakfast, I continued knitting 'Grandma's Favorite' wash cloths !  My grandmother actually sent me a wonderful box full of goodies.  Inside of the box was a large skein of 100% cotton.  I had told her a while ago that I wanted to knit some cotton wash cloths.  I haven't been very happy with store bought wash cloths and wanted to knit myself some.  I have heard many people say that they adore their hand knit wash cloths and I needed to see what all of the fuss was about !  Out of the one skein, I was able to knit three wash cloths ! Let me just tell you that I LOVE my handknit wash cloths.  I can honestly say that I will never go back.
After relaxing indoors for a short while, Robert and I decided to greet the sun with bare bellies !  It was 82° and oh so lovely !!!  
After bathing in the sun, Robert and I made some lunch and whipped out the playing cards and and challenged each other to a few games of poker !!  I won the first round, and he, well, he whipped my BUTT the second round.  He still claims that he let me win the first round.  I don't think he has ever admitted to losing a game fair and square.  Pfft, he definitely did NOT let me win !
After eating lunch and  playing two long rounds of poker, we sat out on the balcony and listened to music while talking about upcoming exciting activities !!  After a couple of hours, it was time to make dinner.  I prepared the dough, chicken, and other veggies for some BBQ Chicken calzones.
They were a hit and we will make them again !  Now off to another day of the same activities !!  I hope you are able to relax and enjoy this lovely weekend and weather (I hope you too have warm and sunny skies!).


  1. All your food looks delicious! We are still waiting for some nice weather. Cloudy and 50 ish here today. The yard is too muddy for the dog to play even. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Easter to you both!

  2. Your breakfast looks tasty!!
    I am impressed with your quick washcloth knitting. I still want to knit some, and have not started yet.
    It sure is nice to be able to spend time outside, and be home at the same time! Yes, balconies are a good thing!!

  3. Frohe Ostern!!! :) I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mmmm...I miss those eggs so much! So much better than ours here...I just finished eating one, in fact. Good thing I did it before reading this blog! :) Must be so nice to finally be able to use your balcony :) I love the color you chose for your cloths! ...now I'm finding myself wishing I was hanging with you on your balcony...Hope you're off to a great week, lovely! :-) Muah!

  4. oh what a perfect day!
    love your grandmother's favorite.

  5. Your pictures look lovely! :-) The food looks tasty, the sun looks enjoyable, the balcony looks comfortable (I wish mine was larger so that I could lay out there!There is barely standing room for two :|), and you two look (more than) very content!

    I really adore the Grandma's Favorite washcloths. Very pretty!, I'd be curious to see how well they work. *hint hint*, wahahaha!

    Que aproveche! (todo)


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