28 April 2011

Time has been flying by lately.  I hear so many women say that their pregnancies seemed to last forever and I definitely don't find this the case.  I feel like I have been pregnant for a month.  I am newly into my second trimester and find that time is flashing by.  Many things have changed though since I have been pregnant
  • I no longer sleep through the night an am awakened by a pushing feeling on my bladder 3-5 times per evening.
  • I could eat a whole house some days, even though I know I only should be eating 300 extra calories per day.
  • I cry at the most obnoxious things.  One example being the fact that 'I don't have anything to wear.'  Yes, I sobbed over this.  Robert came into the bedroom where I was sitting at the edge of the bed with both hands covering my face.  He had no idea what was wrong and when I told him, he let out a laugh which quickly stopped.  He realized this was not something to do when a pregnant woman is crying (at the moment this was very serious!)  He cuddled me for a while and eventually I calmed down.  
  • I can feel completely myself and in the wink of an eye, I am  running to the toilet.
  • Watching the news makes me sob.
  • I feel a strong bond with any pregnant woman I see
We received our first baby gift this past week !!! The Easter Bunny (Robert's mom and dad!) were so generous to gift this to us (along with oodles of tasty chocolates) !!!  It is a thick cozy tummy time activity mat with arches going over it for rattles and crackly noise makers for baby to look at and eventually play with !   We haven't bought anything yet for the baby and won't until we find out the sex !!! Only more weeks until the big ultra sound !!

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