15 August 2011

Baby Buys

Today was quite productive !  I have a completed list of things I still want to buy for our little girl before she comes !  Here is what I came home with !!
 Though we are not sure if we will use a schnuller (German word for pacifier) I would like to have some just in case our little girl has an overwhelming need to suck.  It will really depend upon how her latch is when it comes to breast feeding among many other things.
 I thought it would be a really nice idea for Bohne to have some long sleeved shirts to wear around the flatm especially while her umbilical stump is still connected. I imagine it will be more comfy for her to bum around in a long sleeved shirt and her cloth diapers.  And because we had nothing but onesies, I bought these !
 Many babies in Germany wear tights over their onesies as pants (boys too!) !  I only had three pair and when I saw these adorable newborn ones, I couldn't help myself but pick them up !!!
 This warm felted hot water bottle cover is adorable, yet very useful ! I plan on using it in the winter (when she arrives) to set near her in her stroller, have her 'cuddle' with while in a blanket, as well as lay it on her bed before she lays down to go to sleep so that her mattress is nice and warm for her :)
Robert and I use a clothing rack to dry all of our dry items.  Because it can get quite windy on our balcony, we decided that purchasing some clothing pins would be a very wise decision ! We need lots for all of the cloth diapers and clothing our baby will be wearing !  And the baskets are for organizing socks, mittens, knitted goodies, bath stuff...you get the idea !  The store only had four, but I plan on going back and purchasing a few more next time !
 I have heard so many good things about the baby net nibblers !!!  While I know it was a completely unnecessary baby buy, I couldn't help myself when I saw it.  Also, I had a great coupon.  For something that would cost 7€, I spent 2€ !
 Robert and I had thought about purchasing a fancy schmancy thermometer for the baby. After a lot of thinking,  Robert and I decided that they are not completely necessary.  I, my mom, grandmother...many people I know have gotten by perfectly fine with a standard thermometer.  Because we also wanted to have the standard 'medicine giving' tools and this package had wonderful reviews and came with a standard thermometer we picked it up !
 The packages of flushable liners are for our cloth diapers, as well as the re-usable anti bacteria 'trash bag' for storing dirty cloth diapers in before washing them.  Last, but not least, Lanonlin nipple cream !!!
We are just about done purchasing everything for our baby and it is so exciting !!!  I wonder why I haven't thought to share my baby buys as I have gotten things !! If you enjoy these posts, I will definitely keep posting them up until she is here !!!


  1. your comment on my blog was so funny! haha.
    "baby fashion god." : )
    you're too sweet!

    it looks like you got some really great stuff!
    we still have a lot to do/get before our girl gets here.

  2. You are prepared and organized!!

  3. what a fun parade of baby goods!
    i love the thought of your sweet wee one in her cloth diaper and long sleeved tee... too sweet.


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