14 August 2011

Kanoko Pants

I don't know why, but I love to knit baby socks.  Whenever I have nothing to knit, they are the first thing that come to mind.  They are small and portable projects that I can knit on auto-pilot and there are so many different ways to knit them.  I however, seem to have an overflow of baby socks.  I definitely don't need more for the baby we are soon having, but I still love and will always knit them.  I will probably be like my wonderful grandma some day and have a huge bucket filled with hand-knit baby socks in all patterns and colours.  I don't think this is a bad thing.  I think it's the most wonderful thing ever.

After thoroughly thinking it through, I decided I should cast something new on.  I have had the Kanoko Baby Pants on my Que for quite a long time and have been meaning to knit up a pair.  I did just that and I think they turned out absolutely adorable !!!
Next time though, I think instead of the seed stitching around the top and booty area, I will do some fair isle.  I would love to make a more 'Scandinavian' looking pair in Red and white traditional fair isle.
I cannot wait to get these on our cute little girl !!!   


  1. Oh man, I would LOVE to see your cute little one in those babies!! Those pants are so darn CUTE!! Awwwww :) Motor, you make such beautiful things for your bebe. She's so lucky to have a Mommy (and Daddy like Robert) like you- and you're ever so lucky to have *SOON* a beautiful little girl to share your life with :) I know that I am looking forward to it! -- being both an observer and participator.

  2. Those are certainly adorable knit pants! It will be fun to see all the items you create for your baby girl. :)

  3. Cute little pants! I've never seen these before. Grandma and Grandpa are right here and leaving in the morning. We visited a yarn shop in Minneapolis and bought a couple skeins apiece that we are using for bracelets. We had a beautiful week of weather too. Do anything exciting today?

  4. eee!! those pants are just too cute for words!


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