17 August 2011


Our baby has been made and given the most wonderful hand-made items.  Robert and I treasure them so much and know that we will get lots of use from all of these items.

One of my Aunt's is a wonderful knitter. A while ago, she posted a blog about all of the baby sweaters she had in her stash of finished items !!!  I thought they were adorable, and had great hopes of receiving one of these beautifully stitched handknit sweaters for our baby !  When the time to open gifts at my baby shower came, I grabbed hers first.  I closed my eyes and asked the gift gods to place a lovely hand-knit baby sweater inside.  They must have heard me...because a gorgeous varigated light and dark pink baby cardigan was what I saw when I opened the bag.  My heart fluttered a few extra times and everyone oo'd and aah'd over the beautiful handknit sweater.  It is definitely an item we will treasure and keep for years to come.
My grandma, the only reason why I love all things crafty, also gifted lots of neat items for our baby girl: hats, socks, booties, and an tiny little sweater.  One of her go to items (just like me!) is baby socks.  She knits many of these and enjoys knitting them as well !!  So, when we found out we were having a baby, I was very excited to receive some special baby socks made by my very special grandma.  Here are all of the items she made and gave us for our baby.
 My mom gifted us these adorable handknit baby socks and booties.  My grandma made both of these well, but she originally gave them to my mom for us girls to wear when we were babies !!!
My great grandma Olson made these adorable crocheted booties.  While, I normally dislike crochet quite a bit, I find these crocheted booties to be one of the most lovely things ever.  Maybe it is because they are made with such a small hook and such fine yarn that I love them so much.  Anyway, my grandma gifted these to me shortly before Robert and I left the states this past month.  These little booties will be worn by our baby girl on her way home from the birthing center.  They are extra special to me.  And we feel honoured to have been given them.
My mom gifted Robert and I this beautiful set, also made by my great grandma Olson.  It was a set that my mom actually wore when she was a baby !!!  The condition it was kept in is stunning.  I am so happy that it was so well taken care of and that we are now able to use it on our baby !
My granny crocheted this adorable wool blannket for our little girl.  It is our one and only hand-made blanket and we love it.  I think we will use it for tummy time and on comfy, snuggly, lounging days :)
On top of all of these items, I too have been knitting up a storm !  She will be drowning in  handknits !!! That's such a good thing though :)  And I am so thankful that so many people took the time to create something special for our sweet baby Bohne :)


  1. So many beautiful items! I have also seen some crochet items that intrigue me, and I may have to learn how to do more than chain someday. I have to ask a question, is Bohne German for baby, or is it your chosen name? And if so, how do you phonetically pronounce it?

  2. loved is right – so many special little things! I especially love that little light blue cardigan/hat set and the sweet little socks and blanket from your grandma. it doesn't get better than that! my grandma has passed, but she, too, was the reason I started sewing and knitting and I'm lucky to still have many of the quilts she made and blankets she crocheted. such treasures!

  3. Aunt Becky, Bohne: Google it for the phonetic info and meaning... wahahaha. You will find the meaning to be very fitting.It's not the name of the baby, clearly ('clearly' post googling it )WINK

    Modisch, what lovely pictures, items, treasures. This child will be loved like crazy, and dressed SO so so cute :)


  4. So many gorgeous things! You're inspiring me to learn how to knit. Is it terribly hard for someone with two left thumbs to manage? I kid, but really, I'm not the craftiest person on the planet.

  5. what an amazing collection of handknit love for your baby!

    i love that yellow set - how special that your sweet babe will wear a sweater that your mom wore that was knit by *her* grandmother... just beautiful.

  6. Wow. I don't know why, but it tickles my fancy that you are a knitter! And those are beautiful outfits! Esp the ones from your grandmother! How cool!


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