21 August 2011

shoes for bohne

I wanted to knit a cute and girly pair of newborn size shoes our sweet little Böhnchen can wear (no, Bohne/Bohnchen is not her real name, just a nickname !).  I decided to take some pretty pink and glittery white (naturally, giltter isn't wool, but the white is!) wool yarn.  I like to call them little girl loafers !
I think they turned out quite well, and will definitely be making a few more.  In different variations, of course !

Happy Sunday to you :)


  1. Definitely adorable for your little Bohne!!

  2. How darling!
    Every time I come to your blog I want to learn to knit. I probably say this every time I come here, too. :-)

  3. Very nice "loafers "!!! I like the flower detail!
    I think a pretty ribbon on either side that would tie in a bow at the ankle would keep them securely on wiggly little feet, and look pretty. What do you think?

  4. wow. this makes me want to learn to knit. they are so cute! i love the glitter yarn!

  5. OH MY GOSH, these are SO flippin' adorable :-) They're beautiful. Not even the slightest doubt that your little girl will be the most lovely one of all wearing these 'Lady Loafers'.

    I love the Loafers, Love you, can't wait to love Bebe with you and Robert. :-)

  6. these are so adorable! They are just the cutest little things. How fun!

  7. eeek!! these are the cutest little loafers ever!
    they look like cupcakes!


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