26 August 2011

Berlin, oh Berlin.  How you like to make me sweat.  Today we were drenched with heat.  Heavy, sweaty, humid, heat.  Sounds nice, eh ?  It was 31°C (88°F) That may not seem that hot, but when it there is such a heavy humidity and dew point...let me tell you, it is not very comfortable.

Still though, I had a lovely day.  I met one of my very good friends, Meadhbh for coffee and brunch at my favorite cafe.  We sat outside in a shaded area and ordered drinks.  I enjoyed decaf, soy, iced latte;I always get either a warm or iced version of this drink.  It is my absolute favorite !  As for brunch, I ordered their homemade quiche (another personal favorite-they make the best I have had!) and Meadhbh had a fruit bowl with joghurt !  
It was so nice to see Meadhbh, because in July, Robert and I were in America (if you didn't know!) and came back in August.  Well, almost immediately after our arrival, Meadhbh left for a two week trip to Sweden and then headed to Ireland (where she is from!) for a week.  It had been around two months since we had last seen each other !  And so, we had so much to catch up on.  It was so wonderful seeing her after such a long time.  She brought us some goodies for baby from Ireland too !! 

The first three onesies are perfect, because they are longsleeve 0-3 month size and we needed (well, wanted) only three more to complete our newborn clothing longsleeve onesies !
And all of these dresses are 6-12 months and will be perfect for summer of 2012 !  Do I need to mention that they are so so cute !!!!  We only had a very very small amount of dresses and were so extatic to receive such well made and nice looking ones !

A cute pair of jean shorts with this adorable belt ( 9 months) for the summer of 2012 as well !

And this cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute warm, snuggly, and oh so girly vest for next fall/winter !  I cannot wait to see how she looks in this thing !
The weekend is here and I can hardly believe how fast the week has come and gone (like every other week!)!   Robert will be gone mostly all weekend quite busy with sports and working.  So, tomorrow, I am meeting a new friend (yay!) for some baby botique shopping as well as brunch/coffee/tea  !  Sunday I hope to hit up some flea markets and browse around for some fabric for some ecciting sewing ideas I have in mind !

Happy Friday to you all !!!


  1. LOVE the dresses and all the rest. Make sure you put them all on, because they outgrow these so fast. SOooooooooooo cute!! We had beautiful weather for Sugar Creek this year. A good time was had by all!

  2. Wow! Way to go Meadhbh! Those clothes are adorable, and will be great timing as little bohne grows over the next year! So cute Molly!


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