30 August 2011

Tuesday ?  Is it seriously, already Tuesday !!!  Why does time seem to be going by so quickly this month of August.  Thursday, it will already be September !  How insane is that ??  This past weekend, I was outside almost every second.  I spent time with two good friends while Robert was away for a handball tournament.  And Sunday Robert and I spent the day together at the Flea Market !
We ate yummy turkish food from a food stand while watching people play basketball.
Listened to a terrible singer try and sing Steve Miller Band and Johnny Cash songs.
And of course, looked around the flea market.
For a couple of months now, Robert has been looking for a light weight jersey slouch hat  to replace his wool ones on warmer days.  We were lucky enough to have found the perfect one from a local guy selling handmade hats made from jersey fabric !!!
And I even found two cute kimono long sleeved onesies for 1€ a piece !
It was a productive day and we had lots of fun being out together.  We definitely enjoy our Sunday's at the Flea Market !

What do YOU like to do on Sunday ??!

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  1. looks like a fun way to spend a sunday.
    i try to take it as easy as possible on sundays! and now that football season is coming i can use that as an excuse :)


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