31 August 2011

What do YOU think ??!

I have designed a new project that isn't baby booties/socks/shoes !!!!
 They still need some embelishments that I will pick up at a local craft store or order online !!!
What do you think they are...and what will I use them for ??!!!!


  1. They look like little cottages. Are you making a mobile??

  2. Hmm....they look like little houses. A decoration on the windowsill?

  3. how about something to wrap little gifts for the baby in? like easter eggs. something to keep little keepsakes in? future toys...tiny houses for tiny people? the others look like little boats from above. a tiny city of soft baby toys! no matter ..i like them.

  4. i too was going to vote little houses for a baby mobile!

    although if i made those at my house they would quickly turn into houses for cat toys!! :)


Thank you ever so much for reading and taking the time to comment !!!