06 September 2011

Little Izzy

I have been having so much fun knitting up and crafting fun things for our baby.  I made Izzy for Bohne and thought that she turned out so cute that I had to make a 'Little Izzy' for my good friend Katy's baby girl named Aurelia. I stitched an 'A' on the ear of Little Izzy and did the same for the one I knit for our little girl (not an A though !)  

Honestly, I don't even know how I came up with the name Izzy for this little bunny creature, but, I think it fits her perfectly :)  She was so much fun to make and I definitely would make more for future babies !  


  1. That thing is SO cute I would love to STRETCH it! haha... you know, just pull on it's neck a little bit. Is that odd? *wink*

    Man, you really should set up your own shop someday. That'd be neat/fun/lucrative!!


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