10 September 2011

Where oh where has the time gone ?  I am so happy that September is here and that fall is slowly coming upon us.  September/October happen to be my two favorite months in the year.  The weather is the most perfect because I just adore temperatures around 13°C (mid 50°F) I wish it would stay in that range all year.  One is able to bundle up just enough to be comfortable and wear luxurious scarves, coats, jeans and boots. Oooh how I love fall clothing.  These temperatures don't usually come into play until September though.  Today it will be 23°C (75°F) and tomorrow it will be 28°C (83°F)  And while I am not a fan of those temperatures, I will take and enjoy them, as we will not be having such warm weather for much longer.

But, because September is already here, that means that my Birthday will soon arrive !!! Next Sunday, the 18th actually is the day I was born ! In celebration of my birthday, I decided to make baby Bohne a sweet little cupcake hat for HER birth!


  1. Very cute and unique! Now are you going to spill the beans and tell us what those little knit 'houses?' are a couple blogs back?

  2. I completely agree with you on the fall weather/fall clothing! I have probably said your exact same words recently. If only the season were longer. One of the biggest reasons I want to move to the San Fran bay area is because of the temperatures and ability to dress in boots and scarves year round!

  3. What a neat idea for a hat! How cute and fun it is!!

  4. This is SO cute! :-) Actually looked like a real cupcake (in the smaller picture within the 'updated blog' thread). Mmmm. Super adorable.

    And like 'HomeIsBest' said - tell us about the hittle knit house thingy's!? I NEED to know.. (I need to know. *insert music notes, here*)


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