18 September 2011

Today is my birthday !!!!  I woke up quite early for a Sunday morning.  But then again, it seems as though I have been waking up bursting with energy this past week.  Usually, I am a morning person, but lately, I have really been a morning person !  So, this morning (my Birthday morning I might add!) and wanted to get up and out of bed.  Robert told me that I should lay in bed for a while and he would do some things before I could get up.  

After about 15 minutes, he told me I could come out.   When I walked into the living room, I saw the 'Happy Birthday' sign on the wall that you now see too in the picture above !!! It was so cute and I love it !  It's little sweet things like this that make birthdays so special :)  Robert then prepared breakfast and coffee.  Let me just stop and tell you that Robert never prepares breakfast or coffee.  So, I was in huge shock.  He bought fresh warm brötchen and had lots of yummy marmalade, cheeses, lettuce, honeys, etc. for us to eat with our brötchen for breakfast along with some hard boiled eggs.  I usually always make these on Sunday morning and was cute that he thought to make us some.  The coffee was fantastic and tasted so yummy with my homemade birthday cake that he made me !!!! He made a lemon cake with lemon frosting.  He even topped it with the number of candles as I am old !!!  When he walked into the living room with the cake and candles and sang Happy Birthday aloud to me, my heart melted.  It was so so sweet :)  

Remember...this is very early in the morning and I look ...well, rather...fresh ???  haha :) !

We sat and enjoyed breakfast and cake together which was lovely.  

FINALLY, after enjoying our breakfast together, I was able to open my presents !!!!! I have had a package here from my parents as well as Robert's parents for a few days now and have been going insane waiting to open them !  I finally, was able to !!!  And oh my goodness did these people spoil me !  I cannot believe how thought out my gifts were and how much love both parents put into my birthday packages.  I feel so blessed and grateful for the gifts that were sent to me for my birthday.  Everything will be used and looooooooved !!!  Robert gave me something wonnnnderful as well !!!  I will share more on that later this week ! (tomorrow maybe!!?)

Even though it had been raining all day and evening, that didn't stop us.  I still wanted to go for a nightly walk and enjoy the sounds of the rain outdoors rather than through open windows.  So, around 7:30, we went for a walk.
After our evening walk, Robert and I headed down to a German restaurant really close to our flat for dinner.  We have lived in this location of Berlin for a year and still haven't eaten there (it is literally a block down and is always packed with people!)!  But then again, we maybe eat four times a year !  I prefer cooking dinner for us at home.  Anyway, completely off subject... we went to Schnitzel König for dinner !  I drank Ginger Ale (my favorite!) and Robert had a beer !  For dinner, I had Chili con Mexico Schnitzel with french fries (and mayo of course!) as well as a salad and Robert had Zwiebel Schnitzel, french fries (mayo and ketchup) as well as a side salad.  We stayed for about two hours eating, drinking, and talking.  

It was such a wonderful birthday.  I can say that it is one of the best I have had in a long time.  I enjoyed every minute spent with Robert.  I cannot believe that it will be my last birthday with just the two of us.  Next one, little Bohne will be here !!!  I am so excited for that !  And so think....she could be here in a month !!! How exciting !!!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday. Sounds like a day to remember always!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I love the pictures. The banner is even in English. The lemon cake looks delish!!! Where did you decide to have dinner? ?


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