19 September 2011

singer fashion-mate

I have to tell you, that I could not have been more surprised when I was surprised with this beaut.  I have been telling Robert for a year that I want a sewing machine oh so badly.  I bought one when I was in my teens, but left it in America.  Because it is so heavy, it would be insanely costly to ship all of the way to Germany.  I might as well purchase a new one for the amount it would cost to ship ! 

And so, finally, after a year of telling Robert about my dream Singer sewing machine desk and all, for my birthday, he found the perfect one for me.  
 This beautiful, vintage, minty green Singer Fashion-Mate.  While it doesn't have many functions, I find it perfect.  I didn't want a machine with a billion different stitches or computer settings.  I think many of those added on features are pointless and things that I won't be using.  This machine is very well made and has lasted the tests of time.
 I was so excited about my new machine.  But...I had no idea what was ahead of me.  Inside each drawer was new treasure.  Well, not new...quite old actually, which makes it even better !  In the top drawer was tons of vintage sewing needles, threads, bobbins, sewing scissors (which I will never use on paper-sorry Grandma, I learned my lesson) sewing feet, and more :)
 In the second drawer were different elastics. more thread and bobbins, velcro
 and maybe about 30 different zippers.  What I will do with all of these zippers ?! I have no idea !!!  But they are nice and well made ones.  And I am sure that when the project comes, I will be very happy to have such a lovely assortment of zippers !
 In the 3rd drawer were an assortment of buttons, snappis, and the original manuel in perfect condition.  How cool is that !!
 And in 5th drawer holds stacks (this is only one of them, but there is MORE that you cannot see) of coloured thread ! I don't think that I will be purchasing thread for a while !  The colour options are endless !!!
I can tell you that I am beyond grateful for my new sewing machine.  It is everything I could have ever wished for and more !  I have already fixed a few things on it and let me tell you, it sews like a dream :)


  1. WOW!!! I love that machine! I bought my Singer in 1974 and I get it oiled and tuned every few years. It doesn't have many features either, but it's a work horse and does all I need to do on it. I'm so excited for you!!! What a guy, pat Robert on the back for me and tell him to accept my friend request on FB too!!!

  2. Vvvverrrryy niiiiiice!!! You will create many wonderful memories with that!!!

  3. oh wow! what a beautiful machine and an amazing treasure trove and a wonderful, wonderful birthday present!


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