21 September 2011


Just recently I knit some more Hodge baby booties for our little girl.  This pair reminds me of a box of crayons.  The colours are so bright and bold.  I have said it already, but will say it again, this is my absolute favorite pattern for baby booties  The original pattern doesn't have a draw string band around the ankle for tying and so I added a round of yo, sl1, k1, psso where the ankle would be.  As always, I am super pleased with the way they turned out !
 This set is for my friend Jeni !  She is having her baby mid/end of December and will not find out whether or not she is having a boy or girl !  And so, once again, I went to my trusty Hodge baby bootie pattern and knit up a munchkin hat to go along with it !!!  I have already given it to her and she looooves the set !
A clean and simple white pair to go with everything in her wardrobe :)
Yesterday I cast on for another pair of whiteHodge booties, but with lace around the ankles. 
It looks super cute and delicate, adding cute girly touch !  I finished the first one and then knit the second one.  I was a little nervous, because I didn't have SO much yarn to finish the second one with.  So, while knitting the sole of the second bootie, I see that my yarn is getting very very scarce.  I am not left with maybe 1/3 of the teeny tiny sole needing to knit on my baby bootie.  I have EIGHT INCHES OF YARN.  

I know what you are thinking, go out and buy another skein.  You can always use another ball of white yarn !!!  And while, I completely agree with you, I have another problem;  I bought this yarn in the America and threw the ballband away.  Big mistake, I know.   


  1. Awww, super cute booties! I love the design/s. The white ones indeed look delicate. Very pretty. I imagine them at a fancy Christening, hahaha. ;) Hilarious.

    Too bad you tossed out that skein! Poo! Or, 'ballband' (eyebrow raise), whatever THAT is. Band around the ball of yarn? Probably. Either way, too bad.

  2. Yes, the colors are wonderful! The white pairs are lovely too. I really enjoy seeing what you knit. Baby girl will be well taken care of. ;)


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