22 September 2011

A day at the park

Robert had a bit of free time after school yesterday, and because the weather was so lovely, we decided to go for a walk.  I have been having very severe pain in my ribs the past few weeks.  We think Bohne's foot is stuck under them.  It hurts when I cough, blow my nose, laugh....anything.  And so, we hoped that maybe a long walk might help.  And while it didn't really do any harm, it didn't help.  It did however, get my mind off of the pain for a little while :)

While we walked, I huffed and puffed.  I am having a bit of trouble breathing normally these days !  I imagine that once Bohne drops things will be easier !  But right now, I find that I cannot do much without sounding like I just ran a marathon !  Noises come out of my mouth that I never even knew existed.  Robert laughs at me all of the time and is sometimes shocked by the sounds I produce.

We stopped at the place (right on these stone steps behind us!) where Robert asked me to marry him and talked about that special day.  I remember it perfectly.
After relaxing at our special spot we made our way down to the pond.  We probably sat here the longest and I think that it is my favorite part of the park.  The area is so pretty and there (like all of the park) tons of greenery.  I think that it is the pond that really makes it for me though :)  There are always squirrels, ducks, and adorable animals playing around or in the water :)
It is so strange, because every time I look down at myself as so much smaller than I actually am.  It is only in pictures and in reflections of building windows that I look at myself and realize how huge my stomach really is !!!!  I feel so small all of the time...but know that I am quite large.  I feel it when I am moving around and know that I am large, because I have a hard time putting pants, socks, shoes, etc on.  But when I look down at myself, I feel rather tiny.  Looking at this picture though...lets me know that I am not. Haha :)
I cannot believe that 35 weeks of pregnancy has come and gone so quickly.  This journey has been amazing so far and we cannot believe that so soon little Bohne will be in our arms.


  1. You look gorgeous! Hope the next couple weeks goes smoothly for you!

  2. Ooooh, Motor, you're about to POP! :)

    The picture of you standing by that 'pond' type thing, in your stripe shirt (holding a stick!?!? As I just said aloud, 'that's a Jenness thing to do'), etc... you do look pregnant indeed! You're not 'small' or unnoticeable in a room. Reading that almost sounds SAD (regarding your words)! *Perhaps I tend to over-analyze, ha. * We SEE you, admire and love you - and I miss your cute 'perfect sized' self quite a bundle.
    Muah! You both look great (and very in love/happy) :-)

  3. Ohhhh!!!!!! I had to fight to keep the tears from filling my eyes!!! You look SO beautiful!!! ...and how lovely to see the exact spot where we walked on my visit earlier this year!!! Can't wait for baby to be here SO SOON!!! Love you guys!!!

  4. I enjoyed all the pictures! You look so cute, , and Robert too of course. ;)
    The time will be here soon and we will get to see what "baby girl" looks like! :) !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. you look fantastic!
    you're definitely one of those women who carries their pregnancy in an adorable way!


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