27 September 2011

Winter Necessities

There was a long stretch of my pregnancy (in the beginning) where I wasn't knitting anything.  And now, I have been on a knitting frenzy !  I decided that I should knit our little girl a cozy and comfy cardi.  Robert loves 'grandpa style' sweaters and cardigans.  And so, I thought it would be so much fun to knit Elodie her own 'grandpa cardigan.'  The pattern name is actually called 'Baby Sophisticate.'  But, I think it looks quite like a cardigan my grandpa would wear.  And he would look mighty nice in it :)  Robert even wants me to knit a much much larger one for him (as he is almost 6'5'') because he loved Bohne's soooo much !!!  I knit it with Alpaca Silk and it is softer than a baby's bottom (well, not quite, but close!)
Because Bohne will be born in the end of fall transitioning into Winter, I decided that she might need some mittens to keep her handsies warm.  My family is quite Norwegian, and so, I decided to knit the Selbu Norwegian fair isle baby mitten pattern. I added an eyelet round, as I do on many baby knits so that they stay on and aren't ripped off by baby hands ! The first pair, I knit for baby Bohne.
And the second pair, I knit for a dear dear friend of mine.
I love to wear boots in the fall/winter.  They are probably my favorite sort of 'shoes' to wear.  And if I could, I would wear them all year.  I thought that Bohne needed her own pair of boots to wear this fall/winter !  Here is what I came up with !

I used a dark brown wool Regia sock yarn filled with specks of this colourful tweed.  I have used this yarn (in an assortment of colours) for many different knits and love the way it knits up.  Because they are finely knit with wool, they will keep her feet cozy and so warm.  I also added an eyelet round around the ankle so that they can be tied around her tiny ankles so that she doesn't kick her little BOOTies off, as most babys do !

And while the buttons have no function, they are there for fashion.  And I think they look rather cute !
How will you and your kiddos (if you have any) be bundling up for the cooler weather we are (or will be) having ??!!! 


  1. More wonderful knits for baby bohne!! The boots will be fun, and certainly warm! It will be fun to see pics of her wearing all these lovely items!

  2. everything is so so sweet, but oh those mittens take the cake! they are so teeny and tiny and perfect!!

  3. Could you make a pair of boots in my size, please? ;-)

  4. The boots are adorable. I love the buttons; great idea!

  5. MOLLY! I need a pair of those boots! Even if I don't have a girl, I will hold on to them until I do!! How much? You should sell those on etsy. You would make a killing. Ugh.. you are so talented!

  6. Oh wow, those knits are so beautiful! :-) I love the Norwegian mitts, super cute. The boots with the 'fashionable buttons' are great - not going to lie, I would totally want a pair. OR, the 'cardigan' as I'd call it I suppose... that is listed first. OR the mitts... *hides in shame*


    You're a great knitter! A great gal ;) *wink*

  7. Oh, I just love these tiny knits! Especially that first pair of little mitts. Sweet.

  8. You are so very talented! I love these little goodies.


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