02 October 2011

time crunch

We are really crunching down on time now !  I cannot believe that my due date is less than four weeks away !!!   Granted, I could have our sweet little girl sooner, and I could have her later !!!  But come on, less than four weeks until her due date !!!  I am feeling quite large lately, but everyone seems to tell me that I look so small for having a baby in only four weeks.  I beg to differ.

So little girl, you are now hiccuping almost twice a day !!!  For some reason, you almost always hiccup while I am in the bathtub !  Before, you used to hiccup for maybe 3-4 minutes at a time.  Now, you can go on for 15-20 minutes !!!  Also, because I have been having such intense pain in my ribs and back, I have been putting a warm water bottle to these areas.  You are so funny, because you always scooch away from the heat.  I don't think you like it so much.  My OBGYN will give me a prescription to see a physio therapist this week to help relax my muscles.

Oh, and did I mention that I have gained half of my old body weight since before I was pregnant and I still have four more weeks to go (give or take). My goal was to gain only 9-11.5 kilo (20-25 pounds) max.  But, that surely did not happen !!! I am ok with it though.  I am confident that my body will go back to normal after Bohne is born.  No stress !!!!


  1. How cute - imagining her hiccuping in there while you take a bath, haha. :) That makes me smile. I remember you always so smiley in the bathtub. I also remember you going 'No no no no no.. ' (over and over) when you got 'hot' on your finger. You just said 'iz hot'. haha. Maybe she gets that likeness from you (within the womb... ). I'm guessing by 'prescription' you mean 'referral'? Or, is that what they call it there? You don't necessarily need anything (either of the two) to see a Physical Therapist here (though, often a referral).

    I can't speak from experience but I think many women who who through pregnancy find themselves in the same boat (regarding 'expected' weight gain, gaining a little more, or just 'not as expected'. I know you are fine wit it, and you're right - I'm sure it'll (your body) adjust nicely in good time, the time it should, naturally and with ease ;). You are an active girl. No problemo, eh!?
    Muah. Besos.

  2. Your body WILL go back to normal! It took me quite some time to lose all 56 lbs. I gained during my pregnancy with Gatlyn - well worth it - and with all that nursing...nothing to worry about :)


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