08 August 2011

a wonderful rainy day

Hello Friends,
How was your weekend ?

Sunday the sky was grey and temperatures were in the mid 60s.  The sky was filled with mild sprinkles of rain on and off all day and it was oh so lovely :) 

Robert and I made our way out into the city center mid afternoon for a tasty lunch together.  Robert enjoyed a favorite of ours-Wan Tan Suppe !
And I had the lovely Wai Pai Ta.  It was oh so yummy and we had such a lovely time together
After our lunch, Robert and I purchased our dream baby bed !!!  Because we will ''co-sleep'' with our baby,   we purchased the ''Babybay Maxi'' !!!! We are so so so happy to have it here and ready for our sweet Bohne !!!

As soon as Robert and I walked in the door, we brought it into the bedroom and put it together !  We set it where I sleep so that she will lay right next to me.  I am excited to be able to reach over and feel the highs and lows of her chest.  To wake up to her amazing smell and to be able to bring her to me in the middle of the night when her little tummy is hungry.

Oh baby Bohne, we love you so much aleady and are slowly making our room together one for you too.  


  1. That bowl of soup looks HUGE! It all looks delicious though. The baby bed is adorable. This is an exciting time in your life getting ready for the baby. August is already flying by, it will be here sooner than you think!

  2. Missing you three! So exciting to have the bed set up! It's getting close! Ps.. You're tata's are huge! ;)

  3. ^^ haha (and those 'characters' at beginning of the segment are NO artistic slip, etc etc.)

    That soup looks delicious. I remember going for some Vietnamese/sushi food and getting a soup looking similar to that and it was superb! Nice cardigan Robert has on *wink*. Glad it's getting some use! Looks great.

    You look beautiful, Mode. :)

  4. oh i'm so happy you're going to co-sleep. you won't be sorry! it's one of the best parenting decisions i ever made with lily!


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