06 August 2011

With our sweet baby's due date in less than three months time, I have been doing my fair share of knitting !!!!  Finally, I got around to finishing our Baby Cocoon !!! I knit the mock cables as well as the actuall sack itself longer than called for in the pattern. That way it gets a bit more use.  The yarn I used is a 100% minty green virgin wool and is oh so soft for our sweet baby.
 This is something I knit a while ago actually with a future baby in mind.  It's Little Lillie's  (3-6 mo) Sweater.  I absolutely adore it and have knit the same one in yellow but in a the 12 month size !!!
 The little Munchkin Hat, which by the way, I plan on making quite a few more of.  I think that they are so cute and will look absolutely adorable on our little newborn.  It will be perfect for the colder weather we will have when she is here !
I have a few more items that are almost finished but just need some ends sewn in !  I am quite excited about everything I am knitting and am excited share them with you as well !!! 

The weather is too nice to stay inside blogging all day !!! We have had weather in the mid 60s and rain every day since arriving back to Berlin a week and a half ago !  Today the sky is clear, the sun is shining, and it is 83° !  Robert and I are going to go spnend our afternoon outdoors walking around our neck of the woods and then finish the evening off with burgers from our favorite burger joint !!! 

Enjoy your Saturday !


  1. oh what a sweet lineup of baby handknits!
    but oh goodness, that little hat completely takes the cake! it's over the top adorable!!

  2. How cute! Love all of those items. The minty green color is quite nice. The hat is ADORABLE! She'll be great in it, no doubt. That cocoon makes me want to SQUEEZE something, it's so flipping cute! (*grinds teeth... haha - nah, but you know :|)

    Keep it up (the creating of lovely things) !


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