04 August 2011

who me ??!! couldn't be !!!!

I know, I know.  Where have I been and why have I not been blogging.  Well, I have a perfectly good excuse.  We were on Holiday in the states for a whole month and I was way too busy and had way too much fun to even think about turning on a computer for a long enough time to blog about it !!!

Here are some highlights of our trip !!!  I met with my friend Lindsay (from Arizona) upon my first week of arrival.  We only had a day to spend together.  I would have loved to have seen her for more time, but while we were together we went to Noodles and had their tasty mac and cheese !!!
 Stopped at Babies R Us and browsed their selection.  I would never really shop there though.  They are soooo super overpriced on their clothing !!! They do have a nice selection of everything though.  I don't rule them out completely, they have lots of things I would buy !
 We visited her mom at work, hung out at her parent's house for a little while and then arrived back at my parents to show her pictures of our wedding here in Germany !!!
 We spent some time with my sister in the city in which she lives and enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.  We did some shopping, swimming, (we did a lot of swimming throughout our entire trip-the weather was amazing!), and we were spoiled with wonderful foods while we were at Amy's !!!
Amy (my sister) and her boyfriend took Robert and I to a baseball game !  Robert had never been to a professional baseball game nor had he paid much attention to it ever before (being an American sport and all)  but boy did he fall in love !!!  The whole time we were IN the States, he breathed it !!  In fact, my dad and him went to a batting cage for an entire morning while we were there !!!
We spent lots and lots of time with our nephew Silas.  We took him to the zoo:
and had a picnic there too !!!
 We we played a few boardgames, but Cadoo was his favorite.  It's a great game for kids his age (7 yrs)  you make things from clay, have tasts to complete in a certain amount of time, act things out, draw, answer trivia questions. Robert and I even enjoyed playing it !!!!
We enjoyed night time movies before going to sleep !  This evening we watched 'Cat in the Hat' with Mike Meyers.  Silas knew almost every line and told us basically everything that was going to happen throughout the whole film before it even started.  Talk about a spoiler !!! 
 We played outside in the hot hot sun with waterguns !!!
 My most dear friend ever, Katy, had a baby shower the day before mine and so we celebrated with her at a lovely park outside !  She is due three days before I am !!!
My wonderful Mama also threw me a perfect baby shower !!!

We enjoyed tasty burgers curtesy of my parents and Red Robin's fantastic burger menu  !!! Yum !
 I spent a bit of time with my grandma.  We looked through her craft room and didn't even make a dent into all of the amazing things she has made.  If you want to learn how to do something, she already knows how !!!  I cannot even begin to explain how creative this woman is !!!  Take a good look at this woman because she is the most inspiring person you will ever meet.  She is definitely someone to look up to and aspire to be like.  The time I spent with her was very much so treasured and I wish we would have had more moments together.
We went out to dinner quite a few times with my grandparents and my favorite of them all was definitely the mexican place !!! We visited it twice !!!  And with this pregnancy, all I want is mexican food !!!!  So, this was the most lovely treat !!!
My granny and Papa visited with us a couple of times and we enjoyed their company ever so much !!
 We visited their amazing hour once while we were in the states and 'I' got to drink out of papa's faaaavorite tea cup !!! I felt pretty special !!!
Robert celebrated his 27th Birthday !
 And we celebrated our wedding together as a family :)  We had lots of loved ones there to celebrate with us and we had the most wonderful time together.
Robert and I thank my parents from the bottom of our hearts for making us feel so at home while in their home.  We had the most wonderful time ever and were incredibly happy to be able to spend a month of our year with them.

I have done lots and lots of knitting since I have been back too and will share it with you soon !! Don't worry, I will try not to be a stranger anymore :)


  1. I'm glad you both had a wonderful time as the pictures certainly show. It was fun to see you again and meet Robert. That month really flew by!

  2. glad you had such a wonderful time on your trip back home!
    what a fun lineup of pictures!

    you are looking fabulous!
    i love your collection of maternity dresses!

  3. Oh Motor - I'm so happy you were able to spend time here. It was amazing to spend time with the both (the three!?) of you. I really liked your time at my apartment (even with the heat *wink*) - walking along Lake Michigan, going to the Brewer game, getting ice cream, chillin, etc. Todo!

    Lovely photos. Grandma is so cute :)



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