24 June 2011


Thursday, Robert and I had our Fine Diagnostic (4D organ scan) in the South of Berlin !  Both Robert and I woke up full of excitement !  We couldn't believe that 'the baby,' 'he/she' 'it' was going to be a definite he or she soon !!! We could call our baby something and not just go around whether our baby was a boy or girl by calling it 'it'.  It would form more of an identity and we could really focus on names and more !!!!

The ultrasound began at the head and then worked it's way down.  After about 15 long minutes (they weren't really long, we enjoyed ever so much looking at our baby's wiggeling fingers, mouth and face) the Dr. Smiled and softly said 'Ein Mädchen.'  A Girl  (8 of you were right!) !!!!  We are having a girl.  And she is oh so perfect.  Her fingers, she has FIVE of them (we checked!) !!! Toes, itty bitty feet, cheeks, eyes, legs.  Oooooh, I could squeel with excitement !!!


  1. Yaaaaaay! - surprised I got to this first, btw. **CONGRATULATIONS! (on having a beautiful girl) - I can't wait to feel that little baby Motor kicking and then (better yet!?) hold her :-)

    I'm very happy for the two of you (three! :O) and know you'll be great parents. Looking forward to seeing you... next week ! - Thanks for sharing this bit of your life w/ all of us, update by update. *wink*

  2. Exciting, and I was feeling somewhat 'in the pink' lately!! I will hopefully make it to WI in the middle of July to stay a few days with Grandma and Grandpa and get to see you all. Have a safe journey and again, Congratulations!!

  3. oh congratulations!!
    what a fun and exciting time for you and robert!

  4. so so so so excited ... for a GIRL!!! :)


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