07 June 2011

growing belly :)

I should begin this by saying WOW.  I cannot believe that I am in my 20th week of pregnancy.  Where did all of this time go ?  So many women say that their pregnancies dragged along and seemed to last forever. Mine thus far, no way no how.  I, Mrs. Molly K. will soon be having a baby.  And VERY soon at that.  

It is so amazing the way your body changes when you are pregnant.  I cannot believe how much my stomach is changing.  It is so large, yet so hard.  Almost like a man with a beer belly !!!  I almost don't feel fat anymore, but pregnant.  YAY !  Yesterday I actually heard two boys talking about the fact that I was pregnant and they didn't even know me, but I heard them assuming that I was !  So, the world now knows and sees that I am pregnant and it feels wonderful.  

I can feel the baby moving around all of the time now and it is the most amazing feeling.  It is unlike anything you will ever feel (besides a baby of course!) but is such a special feeling.  It's like your baby is inside of you saying 'Hey Mama, I am awake and ok !'  And it's simply so cute to imagine him/her flapping all around in there !  Just yesterday the baby kicked me so hard that it actually startled me.  I gasped and couldn't believe how strong our little one is getting !  

I have been an emotional wreck lately.  I was in the begining of my pregnancy, but nothing like I am now.  Anything can set me off to tears.  The other day, Robert told me his plans of watching a lovely movie in the evening and so we had to hurry home and watch it !  We arrived home and I was surprised (not so greatly) with the 'movie' of the final soccer game.  This made me a WRECK.  I sobbed, loud and hard for a good long hour.  I could not believe that this amazing 'movie' was really a soccer game that he wanted to rush home for.  I could not believe that he was so 'mean' to trick me.  He was in disbelief that I was so upset and knew that it was because of pregnancy (I kept reassuring him that I was crying because I was pregnant but still, he felt terrible.  Even if I wanted to stop crying there was no way I could have.  I was way too caught up in my emotion.  I now look back on the situation and realize how silly I was being.  And I never cry.  Well, until I became pregnant :)


  1. You promised that on June 6 you would let us in on the sex and now you say him/her? Well???....Did you find out or have a change of heart? Of course when you're pregnant, you are allowed to change your mind just as often as your emotions change, so maybe you've decided to not find out, or to not tell and that is ok. What a great idea to take weekly pictures. I hope the next 20 weeks go slow, I'm not in a hurry for summer to end, lots to do before then.

  2. I love the pictures!!! It will be a fun way to watch your changing baby belly!!
    *(the date to find out the sex has changed to the 23rd).
    Can't wait to find out!!...... :)

  3. You look PERFECT!!!!!!!! Such amazing pictures!!!! I'm SO excited to see you and your belly soon!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

  4. Molly you are such a beautiful young woman :-). I'm proud of all you've done, and all you are. I'm so excited to see you and talk with you, hear how you've been (and are), what you've experienced and what is to come. I loved reading your blog - and really think you look radiant in the series of photos.

    The 'movie' thing made me laugh quite a bit! I can totally imagine that happening (and both of your reactions - so funny!).

  5. Awww, I can remember the first time people began noticing my bump, such a wonderful moment. Enjoy your growing belly and wiggly baby! I agree, the pregnancy flies and before you know it you'll be having the sweet little one! It's SO normal to be emotional - I remember early on in my pregnancy I was watching Sleeping Beauty and burst into tears for absolutely no reason at all! You're not alone!!


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