19 May 2011

exciting things ahead

So, this past week was a pretty good one.  I had a pre-natal checkup with my OBGYN which was super quick as always.  We scheduled the ultrasound that will tell us whether or not we are having a boy or girl !  We will find out on the 23rd of June early in the morning (so if you haven't taken my poll on the top right handside of my blog, DO IT!) and Robert and I are SO excited !  Also, I had my first meeting with my Hebamme (midwife) !  I had no idea what to expect in meeting with her for the first 'official' time and didn't know if I needed to prepare anything or what we would even talk about ! I stayed at the Birthing Center and talked with her for around an hour and a half.  We spoke about my birth plan, what I was looking for from her, and then she gave me some really good ideas and put some amazing thoughts into my mind.  I left with many things to think very deeply on.  It was so lovely and I really enjoyed our first bonding experience.  I will meet with her again in the middle of June before we leave to visit the states !  

Oh, I didn't tell you ??!! We are going to America for a whole month !!! We are super excited, as we haven't been there in a year and a half  !!!  And I cannot wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like everything is going good. I will make sure to tune in on June 6. I have no intuition either way on the gender, I never had an inkling on what I was having either. I'm looking at your picture(s) and having a hard time recognizing you. It looks like you, Amy and your Mom all rolled into one. Maybe I can sneak a trip home in July to see you and meet Robert. Hope you're having a great weekend, torrential rains here..boo.......

  2. Yaaaaaay! ^^ to "HomeIsBest", Yes, she does look like the two of us (plus herself, of course) rolled into one. Makes sense, after all - as we share genes. :D

    Sweet, that you had your midwife meeting. That's nice, to be introduced, have a chance to (start getting to know/)get to know her & 'feel' more prepared for EVERYthing that is to come. I'm so excited for you (and Robert, and ME...haha, and everyone associated).

    I cannot wait to see you, Molly. Love you! Nice talking with you today ;)

  3. i'm so glad to hear that all is going well with your pregnancy!

    and how wonderful that you'll get to spend so much time at home! enjoy yourselves!!


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