13 May 2011


I really love the idea of co-sleeping with your baby.  While I don't feel comfortable having the baby in bed with us, I think that this idea is brilliant and I hope to find something similiar to it for us.  Because I plan on breastfeeding for quite a while, this seems so perfect !
It will make things so much more accessible for baby and me.  Plus, who doesn't want to have their baby sleeping right beside them :)  It will be such a lovely thing to wake up to .....every other hour of the night :)


  1. YES! this is exactly what we did and it worked out so well! when we brought Lo home for the first time, I would just listen to her breathe at night and I loved the bassinet thing because she was so close to me and I could peek at her any time, but she still had her own space and slept well. (and so did i, knowing she was there but i wouldn't roll over on her.) eek, so excited for you!

  2. These are wonderful! We did a small bassinet that fit nicely up to the side of the bed, it's very comforting to have your tiny baby right next to you all through the night. If you're planning on breast feeding, it's also very convenient! On that note...breast feeding is VERY challenging but also VERY rewarding for both you and the baby. Stick with it, you will be happy you did. I stopped around 8 months with Gatlyn but will probably go longer with our next little one! Excited for you!

  3. Very nice idea. That looks very cozy and sweet :-) It'd be so nice to wake up, look over and see the cute little bebe (and YOUR Cute 'big' Baby, haha) next to you - or NEAR you.
    -Yes, it too looks great for breastfeeding. How exciting, Mol! (I feel odd writing Mol...haha)


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