09 May 2011

Maja Geburthaus

Wednesday; May 4th, Robert and I went to the Maja Geburtshaus.  Each Wednesday they have an 'Infoabend' where 'soon to be parents' come and meet a few doulas from the birthing center.  They talk for about two hours and show you around the birthing center.

 Robert and I were more than astounded by the passion these women had for their jobs and the soon to be mothers they will be caring for.  They were overly kind, motherly, knowledgable, and just overall amazing!  There were times when they would be talking and my eyes would begin watering because what they were saying was so emotional and special.  I had to try very hard to suck up my tears and remain calm like all of the other mothers.

Before we went to the Maja Geburthaus, Robert was set on having a hospital birth.  I was, and had been set on a home or birthing center birth ever since I can remember.  But because Robert was so terrified and unsure about a birth away from the hospital, I gave in to ease his mind.  This still didn't feel right to me and I kept coming back to the fact that I needed a completely natural and relaxed as possible Birth Day for our baby.  I need this day to be everything I have ever dreamed and wanted.  I don't want to be in a hospital by any means because for me, it would feel terribly wrong.  I want to give birth with people who care about me and who I care about.  I want there to be family and doulas who I have bonded and connected with.  I want the birth of our baby to be completely natural and beautiful.  This is such a special day for our family and I want to create it as I want with the help of Robert, our families, and our Doulas.  

Believe it or not, after talking with the Doulas and being shown around, Robert was sold.  Thank god I stuck with my heart and made it happen.  I feel so blessed to have found the perfect place to birth our child together.    

Here are some photos from one of the birth rooms.  These photos do the rooms no justice.  They are very large, spaceous, there are many different things provided to be used to help while having contractions during labor, candles everywhere, flowers, music (you choose/bring your own) and so much more.  
Being at the Maja Geburthaus and meeting with all of the Doulas there, makes everything so much more real. I now have an image of where our child will be born.  I cannot believe that I have already walked into one of the rooms where we will first meet our precious little baby.  It is such an amazing feeling that words cannot even begin to describe.  


  1. Well this is just so darn exciting!!! This will be a wonderful experience, the birth of a baby is a natural high! I'm so happy for you both!! (Note all the exclamation marks)

  2. what a beautiful center.
    looks to me like the perfect place to bring your baby into the world.

  3. Take advantage of the tub, works wonders during early labor!!!


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