30 October 2011

40 Weeks Pregnant TODAY !

The day that we have been waiting for and counting down to is here.  I AM 40 WEEKS PREGNANT TODAY !!!  How crazy is that !!!  

I know that a very small percentage of women have their babies on their due date, but I was hoping to have our little girl BY my due date.  I honestly always thought that she would come late until my Dr. started saying that she was sure she would be here before then !  Now that it is here and she is still constantly hiccuping and wiggling around in there, I see that she will indeed come after today.  Unless of course, she decides to put me into labor very very soon !  

My stomach is almost always constantly hard now and my braxton hicks are very constant as they have been for a while.  I am getting a fair amount of contractions throughout the day, but they are definitely no where near unbearable.  I hope, hope, hope that she decides to come and see us soon. I don't want to rush her though.  I am trying to be very patient about it, because if she needs time I want to give it to her and not create extra stress.  There is really no need to rush things.  A few days are only a few days and she will come soon enough.  While I would love to see her, I am happy that she is cozy and growing healthier and stronger each day.

Today, Robert and I have already had a nice breakfast of tasty eggs and toast with marmalade and will head out quite shortly for a nice long walk around our part of Berlin.  It is slightly grey out right now, but the sun is supposed to greet us shortly and give us temperatures around 13°C (55°F)  Sounds like lovely fall weather to me !!! 


  1. A nice long walk could maybe do the trick! We're having about the same kind of day here also. You're looking great, can't wait to hear!

  2. you look beautiful molly.
    hope the sun came out and you and robert had a lovely walk!

  3. How long will they let you go before they do something? Here they don't like you to go over 42 weeks. What is the protcool at your birthing center?

  4. WOW! Woohoo! 40 weeks! You're looking so radiant and peaceful :D She'll be here in no time :) Love you ALL so much! - Lindsay :-)


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