28 October 2011

this upcoming week I have high hopes for

baby bohne - I would love for you to come baby girl !  We want to meet you and cuddle with you !  We cannot wait to hear your sweet little baby noises and look into your eyes.  I cannot wait to feel your soft warm skin upon my chest those first few moments after you are born and be filled with euphoric endorphin-y goodness :)
yummy food - Robert's delicious cheeseburgers with my homemade onion rings.  Mashed potatoes with tasty creamy gravey.  Pretzel Cookies (which I have already made, I just froze the dough for a quick yummy snack when baby Bohne is here) with chocolate and peanut butter chips.  Homemade Pizza.  Goodness, I need to eat all of the junk I can before this pregnancy is over !!!  It's the only excuse I have for eating tiny chocolates, cookies and sweets !!
knitting - Must.Finish.Cascade.Sweater

playing  Skip-bo with Robert - This is a game we often play shortly before going to sleep.  We both get ready for bed; all comfy and cozy.  And then relax into our covers and set up a game of Skipbo !  We haven't played in maybe a week, and I love card games, so, hopefully we play soon ?!
fresh air - Although we live in a large city, the air here is still pretty fresh.  When weather permits, our windows and balcony doors are always open, letting the cool fall weather air glide throughout the flat.  This does mean though, that I need to dress in warm layers while being inside so that our house can be so open.  It is so lovely and I do adore it.
a glass of champagne - After the birth of a baby, the hospital or birthing center, wherever, gifts the family a bottle of tasty champagne to celebrate the birth of their baby.  Everyone else then can  drink a glass (including the midwife) and the mother will have a small glass after breastfeeding !!  I am definitely looking forward to this.  Yummy !!!
what do you have high hopes for this upcoming week


  1. I have high hopes for waiting to hear from YOU about tu bebe! Also, hearing about how delish those cookies must taste! Holy Moley they look GOOOOOOOOD!

    Also, going up North (yep, but not to go " Huntin' ", haha. Sick) for just shy of a week to relax a bit. It's been hectic. I'll keep it simple. That's all.

  2. I am betting this ALL takes place!!

  3. You have some good plans and hope you enjoy them all. Rest up! Tomorrow is the 30th, and I am thinking it will be the big day!!!

  4. i have high hopes for you that this week will bring a sweet baby your way!

    over here i'm hoping for a lot of organizational energy so i can organize up a whirlwind!

  5. you and that baby bump of yours are quite lovely!


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