26 October 2011

Bohne, where are you ??!

Dr. oh Dr.  Why were you so cruel to tell me that you thought our little baby girl would come early.  And when I was just a mere 38 weeks at that.  Two weeks have passed and nothing is happening !!  I am growing impatient.  Robert is growing impatient.  After his long 17 hour day, he arrived home and the first question he asked me with sad puppy dog eyes was, 'Where is baby Bohne ?  :(  Did you tell her she can come out now ?' Buuut, she is still kicking around and jabbing me left and right.  Still, every time I bathe she gets the hiccups.  I have no idea how it happens that at the exact moment I am laying in the bath she manages to get the hiccups !!

So here I am in all of my large pregnancy glory.  I am beginning to feel like a beached whale.  I cannot sit, lay, or relax comfortably. I am still having very strong rib and back pain.  But thank god that my ribs are not bruised anymore, not is her foot stuck inside of them !  I cannot even begin to tell you how painful that was !!  My acid reflux is still pretty bad.  So much so that a few nights ago, I woke up choking on the acid in my throat.  It was very painful and quite scary actually.  Some nights I lay in bed clenching my fists and toes wishing the pain from the acid in my chest and throat away.   It is getting better though.  S.l.o.w.l.y.
I cannot believe that my pregnancy is coming to an end. The time really has gone by quite quickly. I have actually forgotten the way it feels to have a body of my own and not shared with another person.  I can hardly remember what it feels like not to bump into so many things with my big stomach !  Almost none of my shirts cover the bottom of my belly !!!  And the terrible thing is, sometimes I cannot even FEEL when my stomach is hanging out of my clothing !  I hope this never happens while I am out in public.  As a half covered bely doesn't look so nice !  Haha !
Still no stretchmarks, and I can definitely say that I am thankful for that !!!  I am pretty sure our little baby will be here within the next week and we are beyond ready and thrilled !!


  1. Oh Molly, I know exactly how you are feeling! My doctors started telling me around 36 weeks that Axel was sure to be early. It wasn't happening, that's for sure! He probably would have stayed inside forever if he could have. And the acid reflux.. oh mama... OUCH! I had it sooooo bad with Ax! I would do the same thing. Just close my eyes and clench and wait for the pain to go down. Almost there! Little Bohne, the world is waiting!

  2. Any day now! You have the most perfect baby bump. Jealous...

  3. Good job Molly, this is the hardest part!! The best news is that it's almost over...all of that acid reflux and "largeness" pain will shortly go away. You'll be surprised how easily it is forgotten about once you see your precious little baby :) As for the stretch marks...best of luck, thought I was getting off scot free until AFTER I had the baby then they appeared!!!! Horrifying! Nothing to fret about though, they get so much lighter and almost completely away in time. I've seen some killer ones (photographs on the net, no my own) and am SURE your one of the lucky girls that will have little to no stretch marks based on your pics above! Wanted to mention also that I had tremendously horrid back pain from 36 weeks on, but was lucky to have it. Going into deliver I was already 4cm and only had 5 total hours of labor, 1 of pushing! Hopefully this means a good, short labor for you as well! Best of luck and hang in there you're doing great!

  4. Come on little baby!! You look great though and you especially look like Amy in the bottom picture. I had to look twice. I'll be checking here every day now...Thinking of you guys!!

  5. i've said it before, but it bears saying again - you are an adorable pregnant woman!
    i know these last few days seem to take forever, but you'll have sweet bohne snuggled up in your arms soon!!

  6. Wow, I cannot imagine how excited you and Robert must be for your precious baby girl to arrive!!! I cannot wait to hear that she's arrived!!! You do have the most perfect baby bump :-) and as always are looking extremely lovely :-) sending all my love and wishes to you, Robert and princess bohne!! :) LOVE YOU!!! ~Lindsay

  7. Ohhh, Motor. You do indeed look like you're ready to pop! That's too bad that you're feeling so bad (regarding the acid reflux and various stomach/abdominal + chest pains) As Nicole said, that'll soon pass!

    Not to sound overly repetitive but you DO look so beautiful, and have a spectacular baby bump :)

    Besos para ti.
    ps. That's so cute - Robert coming home with a sad look on his face, and what he said. haha


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