23 October 2011

I can hardly believe it...

We have had our fair share of rain and grey skies and I am loving it !!!  I have been spending my Sunday inside knitting and sewing away.  I am on a Christmas ornament making kick.  I will share more with you about that at a later time possibly nearer to the Christmas season !!!
However, even though it has been rainy, I have been trying to get out and walk as much as I can.  It is good for me and naturally, the fresh air does wonders for my lungs and body.  My feet are still very swollen.  So much so that when I press my finger they are indented and stay that way for almost an entire minute !!! It is insane !  I even had acupuncture (for the first time!) on Thursday and while that helped my swollen legs and the majority of my feet, my ankles are still huge and have more water than ever !!! Nevertheless, I am still getting out and enjoying this time.
I cannot believe that it is Sunday already and that I am almost in my 40th week of pregnancy.  I was telling Robert this morning that I almost believe this baby will never be here and that I will be pregnant for the rest of my life !!! I don't say this because I am so 'over' being pregnant.  That's not it at all.  I just cannot fathom the idea that our little baby will be here soon.  I really cannot get my head around it.  We are ready for her and have been for a while now, but my body feels so 'normal' that I feel I will never go into labor.  I have no idea why my dr and midwife think she will come early, because as I said before, I cannot see it happening !  

It would be hilarious if I went into labor tonight after saying all of these things.  Don't get your hopes up...I will be 100% shocked if that happened !!!


  1. love that first picture!

    and never fear, you'll go into labor soon! i remember those last few weeks taking *forever*!!

  2. ooooh, what if you DO/DID go into labor tonight!? (last night for you) I guess I'll find out fairly soon, eh? :D

    You look like you're about ready - that much is for certain! Incredible. :)

    Thinking of you!

  3. You look amazing!!! Seriously, by week 40 I was in yoga pants full time! Good luck with everything and here's to a happy, healthy delivery!


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