21 October 2011

Gifts For Aurelia

My best friend ever is having a little baby girl.  Would you believe that her due date is three days before mine ?!!!  I swear we didn't plan it.  Because lets face it, how do you plan something like that ?!  Naturally, we are thrilled to be experiencing this together.  She lives all the way across the globe, but still, we find means of talking very often throughout the week !

Katy (this 'best friend' I speak of) is having a little girl named Aurelia.   I wanted to make some special hand-knits to celebrate the birth of Katy's (soon to be) baby !  Because, who doesn't love handmade gifts ?!!  Each and every stitch of each and every item has been made with love.  Along with all of the knitted goodies, I sent Katy some German treats !  I hope Katy and Aurelia too will enjoy every piece I made and sent :)
1: Selbu Baby Mitts 2: Saartje's Loafter 3: Hodge Baby Booties 4: Little Izzy 5: Newborn Flower Headband 6: Aurelia's First Christmas Ornament

*All patterns (#1 - #4) are modified versions of actual patterns.  Gift #5 & #6 were written by me !


  1. Katy will love the hand made gifts for Aurelia!!
    How sweet that you took the time to make them!!

  2. I feel like every time I comment on your blog I'm telling you how amazing your creations are. BECAUSE THEY ARE. What a lovely gift -- anyone would be thrilled to receive it.

  3. what a wonderful lineup of thoughtful and adorable gifts!
    i especially love that bunny!!


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