18 October 2011

An Explosive Rear....

Our little girl has dropped so far down that I sometimes wonder whether or not my butt is going to explode.  Yes, you read that right, I have an irrational fear of my butt exploding.  If I even bend over to pick something up, I feel the most intense pressure in my rear.  OW !! It is not comfortable at all.

I had another Dr. appointment yesterday and she still thinks that our little girl will come soon !  I still am unsure of her prediction.   She said that my placenta is very ripe and ready !  And every time I walk, I am reminded that her little head is waaayy down !  Little cutie :)

I have been feeling quite nauseous, and so my Dr. told me that I should lay it low.  And while I have been trying to keep it slow, it hasn't worked at all.  I love to clean.  Really, I enjoy it !!!  And I spend most of my day cleaning (along with other crafty goodness).  Dusting, washing the floors on my hands and knees with a sponge and vinegar water, cleaning the tub, toilet, sinks...wooden floors, dishes, laundry...I love it all.  Well, most days.  I am not sure how I will manage not being able to clean so much once our little girl is here.  I am sure that I will come into a new routine and find what works for us (naturally).

I wonder what life will be like.  And to think that she will be here so soon just blows my mind !!!  What will we be doing every day ?  How will we feel ?  What will we eat (ha!) ?!  How will breastfeeding go ?  What will she look like ? Will her cloth diapers fit right away ?  I obviously have so many more curiosities, and these are only a few.

In only a few days our little baby will do us the honor of being our tangible sweet little girl !  We are beyond thrilled !!!


  1. Ha, that's quite the opening remark! Life will be different, but you'll quickly get in the groove. Is Robert able to take some time off? Will your mother-in-law stay a few days? Breastfeeding is best, but it's not always easy at the beginning, so stick with it. And then again, you may have no problems, just don't get discouraged if you do. I'm awaiting the day I look at your blog and see baby pictures! Exciting times........

  2. take care - i certainly hope your butt does not explode!!!! :)

    enjoy these last few days before baby's arrival! rest up and keep trying to take it easy!

  3. It all is so exciting!!! I am anxiously awaiting her arrival too and cannot wait to meet her!
    You two will be awesome parents! :)

  4. SO EXCITING!!!!! ...well, not the thought of your butt exploding, but you know ;) haha! Today (almost Wednesday) would be SUCH a lovely day for sweet baby princess to arrive :-) ...i hear that in that case she would share a birthday with a rather awesome lady ;) just SO happy and excited for you guys!!! you WILL be such WONDERFUL parents :-) YAY!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  5. Oh Molly, this is all so exciting!I can't possibly imagine how uncomfortable that pressure feels - it must be very 'odd'. But, so neat!

    You are no doubt showing a nice glow, I can see it in your photo/s. It's more of a grand happiness. You and Robert will be lovely parents, and experience the answers to all of your (listed) questions together. Enjoy!

  6. Funny funny. Breast feeding is so wonderful, you can do it, you can do it! It's difficult at first so just be prepared, once your little girl (and you :)) have the hang of it - piece of cake!


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