11 October 2011

Full Term (and then some) !

I cannot believe that the time has come that I am full term !!!  Happy 37 and a half weeks to me !!!
I had a Dr. appointment yesterday.  My OBGYN told me that our little girl is so far down and has significantly dropped.  She said that she will be incredibly shocked if I make it to my due date and thinks that we should have a baby very soon.  Maybe next week !!!  How exciting is that ??!!!

My feet have officially blown up.  They are so swollen by the end of the night that it hurts to walk.  They almost have a buzzing feeling to them.  I know that you may be confused as to what this picture actually is.  No, you are not looking at sausages, they actually are feet.  They even wrinkle and crease !!


  1. Soo exciting! You look great in the picture.
    Keep those feet up and rest up while you can! ;)

  2. I agree, you look great and put your feet up as often as you can!

  3. Ohhhh your poor feet! That must ache so badly! Well soon enough they will be back down to normal size and you will have a beautiful little girl in your arms. You are sooooo close! Every time I check your blog I will hope to see some notification that you had her. You have to let me know somehow!

  4. Holy crap your feet are swollen! That looks super painful :| Owwwwieee. Man, does massage work?

    You look really radiant, though! The top picture is beautiful. :)(well, so is the bottom... haha, but that one looks uncomfortable).

    Good luck to in the remaining weeks. I'll be thinking of you, Cutie. I'm there with you! Soon, the little one will be there, too!

  5. you look beautiful!
    but oh those feet - you poor dear - put your feet up! right now!

  6. Aww your sausages are adorable! It's amazing, one day you look down and they are oh so big and puffy! It sounds like they won't be around long!


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