18 November 2011

Cloth Diapering

Robert and I have purchased 32 cloth diapers.  Because we don't machine dry our diapers, but
 line dry them for environmental reasons as well as cost, we decided that 32 diapers are a good amount to start with. All of the cloth diapers we have are one sized cloth diapers.  This means that one size fits all.  They are all adjustable and can fit from 'newborn' to toddler !  Here are the cloth diapers we have and how we like them so far !!!

We will be using three different brands to start off with:
Grovia AIOs One Size:  We only have a few of these and I would LOVE to purchase more.  The fabric is amazing and they are by far the most luxurious cloth diapers we have.  Elodie has only been wearing these for two days, but we are in love with them already !
FuzziBunz pockets One Size:  these are the diapers we have been using the longest for Elodie.  They were the only one sized diapers that we had that fit her so quickly !  The inside of these diapers is unbelievably soft and I imagine it feels like heaven compared to terrible papery disposable diapers (I would never want to wear them, so why should her little booty suffer!)  !  We have had only one leak with these so far.  The only reason we had a leak though, was because we didn't put two liners in at nighttime !  We have since then learned, and Elodie goes to bed with two liners in her cloth diaper !  The first week of Elodie's life, she was wearing disposables.  We wanted her to wear them until her umbilical cord fell off (it fell off at day 6).  Anyway, her skin is quite sensitive and the disposables gave her a rash right away.  Since switching to cloth, her rash has completely disappeared !
Bum Genius 4.0 pockets One Size:  These are hands down Robert's favorite cloth diapers for Elodie.  Before making the decision to purchase them, I had read that most men loved these the most.  We purchased the velcro version and they make using very easy for someone who is skeptical about the practicality of cloth diapering.  These are definitely a great all around cloth diaper.
G Diapers: We were actually gifted these and they are the only diapers that are not one size.  And they will not fit her until she is a bit older !  
Robert and I will probably purchasing different brands along the way as there are many that we are interested in trying out depending upon how things work  for us !!!!

Here is a peak into our 'changing table'
Above is our changing table and to the right of it is our diaper 'pail.'  Inside of the pale there is a macaroni coloured re-usable pail liner.  We also have a light yellow coloured one to use while this one is in the wash or drying !! 

We have two re-usable cloth bags with PUL inside for the diaper bag.  That way, while one is in the wash or hanging to dry, we always have one on hand !
Cloth Wipes
Rockin Green Laundry Detergent
Lots and lots of inserts for the diapers
Flushable biodegradable diaper liners
Are any of you cloth diapering ??!!! If so, what diapers do you have and love and what ones are you wanting to try out ??!!


  1. Cloth diapers sure have changed and for the better!!!
    looks like you have a good system in place.

  2. I never saw this posting until now. I am so happy that you're using cloth diapers. They have come a long way, and it's so easy and economical. Yay for all of you! I would love to see a pic sometime of all of these drying on a line or railing!


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