22 November 2011

A peak inside of Elodie's nursery

Elodie's room is very special to us.  So many of the things of that decorate her shelves are antiques or handmade items.  Many of her things were passed onto me from either my Grandma or my mom.  All of these items have a special place in my heart and I am so happy for Elodie to have such wonderful people to gift them to her.  I cannot wait to slowly collect more meaningful things for our little girl.  I love to re-use things of meaning that were well taken care of and loved by the people we love as well as handmade treasures new and old.

Here is a little peak inside of her nursery:


  1. Very sweet. I love that picture of the little girl, could be you! Where did you get the letters for Elodie's name? Buy or make? Happy
    Thanksgiving to you all!

  2. Very nice!!! I enjoyed the tour very much, thanks!

  3. What an adorable collection/set up you prepared for Elodie :). I wonder what her room will look like in 5 years!? I guess that's jumping ahead a bit too much, eh? haha.

    Definitely cherish the NOW, as you're clearly doing w/o hesitation. I recognize many of the items in your picture :) It's very nice, passing special items down generation to generation. The space has a very 'homey', or 'welcoming' feel to it this way.

    (that book looks hilarious, by the way. haha. What is it [about]?)


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