02 December 2011

Oh  Elodie.  I cannot believe that you are one month old today !!!  I feel like you have grown so much in the past month and have changed beyond what I could have imagined. 

You are awake so much during the day which makes you an amazing sleeper.  Well, except for yesterday.  I think I got two hours of sleep.  But that's ok, I understand that you were probably super excited for your one month birthday today !!!  

You have been having some stomach pain the past two weeks while trying to pass gas.  Your daddy and I feel so bad for you because we know that you feel so uncomfortable when you need to toot.  We do some exercises with you to help get the gas out a little easier, but you still have trouble tooting.  Hopefully you will get used to the feeling of passing gas soon because I don't like to see my little girl in pain.  

It seems like you are always eating and your belly is soooo cute when it is hard and full. You have gained a pound and a half since you were born and have the most adorable buddha belly !

You constantly make me smile with your facial expression - you make the funniest faces and they make me laugh all day long.  I love going for walks with you and snuggling together.  You have never left my side as of yet and I think it will be that way for a while.  

And would you believe that you laughed today ??  You laughed for the first time !  I was changing your diaper and saying 'Hello Baby' over and over in a really high pitched voice.  Apparently you thought it was funny !  And I loved to hear your laugh.  You have had some great belly laughs in your sleep, but never while you were awake.  So, this was very special.  I cannot wait for your daddy to hear you laugh.

Yesterday I watched the video footage from your birth.  I didn't even know that your dad filmed some of it.  But boy, am I happy he did.  It was very emotional to watch but so so wonderful.  I feel like such a strong woman thinking back on what we achieved together you and me.  I am so happy that you were and are so healthy.

I cannot wait to see what the next month has in store for us :)  Christmas-time is here !! And we cannot wait to share it with you little Bohne.


  1. oh she's just beautiful!
    happy one month birthday sweet elodie!

  2. What a sweet face with such inquisitive eyes! Glad to hear everything is going well. First laughs are precious times.

  3. I started to write a comment earlier and had to leave quick. Anywaaays-uh.. Oh Elodie you beautiful baby! How happy I was to see your beautiful face today! It sounds like you and Mommy are doing so well. Molly, I cannot believe she is already a month old! Time goes too fast. Sorry to hear about the gas. Poor little one. Maybe see if you can find something called "gripe water" there. It is all natural and has ingredients that are supposed to calm the tummy and intestines. Oh how I wish we all lived closer! Love and kisses!


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