05 December 2011

this upcoming week I have high hopes for

making videos - Because our camcorder has been broken since Elodie has been born, I haven't had the chance to film any of her life.  This has made me a sad mama :(  Recently though, I found an old camera where the display is broken, but it still works and although I cannot SEE what I am filming, I am still able to film !  And so, I am happy to be able to.  We will purchase a new camera soon.  But in the meantime, this is better than nothing !
St. Nikolaus - He will visit us Tuesday morning and I cannot wait !  This evening we will clean our shoes (really, we will!) and sneak out while the other is sleeping and set out a small gift and some sweets for the other to enjoy.  Elodie will definitely not be getting any sweets (other than her yummy sweet breastmilk!) But she St Nick. will be visiting her !
finishing up my Christmas decorating - While we have almost all of our Christmas decorations up, there are still some things I would like to make.  I am making a long garland for our little tiny Christmas tree that we will have this year as well as some tiny ornaments.  I would like to hang a some more lights here and there.  And I would like to finish up a Christmas cross stitch for our home. :)
completing all handmade gifts - this is self explanatory.  And while I would LOVE to share what I have made for Christmas for some of the lucky loved ones who will be receiving them, I cannot !  After Christmas I will definitely do a recap !
making a gingerbread house - Robert's mom gave us a gingerbread house kit for me to make this December !  I will definitely be rocking to the Christmas tunes while I do this.  Which brings me to:
listening to so much Christmas music that I sing it in my sleep - Mostly Burl Ives.  He is definitely my all time favorite artist to listen to when the weather gets cold and Christmas is rolling around.  Although, the weather is not really so cold.  But still, when he sings Christmas music I love to hear, my little heart goes pitter patter and I feel like a child again.
spending time with Robert and this precious girl
what are you looking forward to this upcoming week ??!


  1. such a good list! (I love love love Christmas music, too.) And what a SWEET little babe. It's so much fun to be a mom this time of year. ;)

  2. What a sweet picture of Elodie Sue, she looks like an angel .. :)

  3. i was trying to read all your words, but kept getting distracted by that gorgeous picture... elodie is just so sweet i don't see how you get *anything* done at all!

  4. Beautiful photo of a beautiful little girl :)

    Great list = truth. I've got a problem with making lists and then not making a dent (or, making silly meaningless lists). Your post inspires me: I shall make a list of actual tasks of importance, and chip away.

    How's your list 'checking' been going? Maybe you should post about what you did and did not 'check off'. Yes? Yeeeees. *Goes without saying: must/should include a photo (of anything in the life of Molly -- this guaranties loveliness)


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