13 November 2011

Eleven Days Old Already !!!

Little Elodie is eleven days old today !  I can hardly believe it !  In the morning, she is the happiest girl ever and always smiles at us upon changing her nappy and while we are breastfeeding.  She is hungry almost every two hours (except for at night when she goes 4-5 hours without waking up or eating).  She lets us sleep lots ! Energy is so easy for me to come by because she makes me so excited to see her and be awake. Our little Bohne is usually awake and alert for around four hours in the daytime (aside from breastfeeding) and loves to look around !!!  She especially loves staring at our moving shadows on the wall and her wind up giraffe that moves it's head and plays twinkle twinkle little star.  I am trying to think of a silly name to call her giraffe.  Any suggestions ??!!!

Elodie is an incredibly happy baby girl and almost never cries.  She only wines when she wakes up and is hungry or when she wants to cuddle. Which by the way, is almost all of the time (the cuddling-not the crying) !!!  She is always by my side and I am always holding or cuddling with her on my lap.  She is the best eater ever !  I feel incredibly blessed to have no breastfeeding problems.  The only problem that I have had is an oversupply.  Which I would take any day over any other problem !!!!

Our little Bohne is wearing all newborn clothing (she was born weighing eight pounds).  There is no way that she could fit into 0-3 month clothing !  They are huge on her !  We actually didn't buy a lot of newborn clothing (only five long sleeved onesies and some short sleeved onesies !) as everyone told us that most babies don't fit into newborn clothing.  And if they do, the clothes only last a week or so.  As I said before, she is eleven days old and her newborn clothing is still a little loose on her !  Today, Robert and I are going to the baby/children's flea market and will look for some more long sleeved onesies for Elodie to wear.  She definitely needs them as today is 0°C (32°F) and all other days will be the same and get colder and colder !!!

Our weekend has been a wonderful one and I know that this Sunday (my favorite day of the week!) with my family will be a fantastic one too !  I am looking forward to looking around the flea market and spending this brisk sunny day with my amazing family of three :)


  1. What a sweet little girl all in pink! Sounds like you're having a wonderful day. My suggestion for the giraffe; GiGi, but it's not really a silly name, so keep the suggestions coming!

  2. Such a cutie!! I remember you mentioning that you wouldn't have many newborn outfits for the reason that you didn't think she would fit in them for very long - hope you guys find some super cute (and super cheap!) outfits for sweet Elodie :) For the giraffe: well, anything I attempt to pronounce in german sounds silly ;) so...ha :) Have a lovely day together, little family of 3! :) Love you! -Lindsay

  3. I am happy that all is going so well!! Elodie is a sweet little girl! You are all very blessed.
    My name ideas are Twinkle or George.

  4. That is so funny, I immediately though to GiGi too! So glad to hear that Elodie is nursing well and letting you get some sleep in the night. Thanks for posting some pictures of her little face, it will be fun to see her grow!

  5. Very sweet! She sounds like a little dream boat :) And look, your hands are lovely and delicate. You're even wearing your ring! That didn't take long! Yay for no more puffy hands and feet :)

  6. I have looked at this post MANY many times. :) Ana loves looking at it, too. We both agree that Elodie is the most beautiful little girl. (I asked her what the highlight of her day was, and she responded that she really enjoyed looking at the pictures of Elodie - cute, eh?)

    I'm happy you and Robert are still getting sleep, that Elodie is a happy little girl, and that things are going well for all of you. I can't WAIT to see her, touch her hand, hold her. (etc)

    I look forward to hearing about the baby flea market, any finds or non-finds (haha), how Elodie likes getting outside... you look radiant, by the way.



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